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Burleigh Pools Burleigh Heads
By ARIA TYLER 594 views

Burleigh Pools: Questions to ask Before Hiring Custom Pool Contractors

While it may be easy to purchase a new pair of sunglasses or a bathing suit on an impulse, it isn’t quite the same with building a new swimming pool. It is a major investment, and anybody thinking of getting one build must do proper hometown before going down that rabbit hole.

While it may seem tempting while browsing through Burleigh Pools, there are at least seven types of questions that one needs to ask before thinking of hiring a pool contractor.

The Motivation

It is probably the first question that needs answering before making a call. What primary purpose will the pool service? Is it for swimming practice or for hosting pool parties? Are there going to be kids involved?

These are all important questions, and one has to be clear about the purpose of the pool, especially because there is a huge difference between a play pool, a plunge pool, and a lap pool.

The Laws

While everybody wants to own a beach house, it may not always be possible. At times, it’s the expense, while other times, it’s the law. Hence, it is crucial for every homeowner to schedule a consultation with a lawyer to understand the laws about building pools before breaking ground. Several cities tend to have strict liability and maintenance laws and knowing about them is essential before undertaking an expensive pool building project.

The Features

After the laws are clear, the next step would involve the overall design and features of the pool. Everybody has a vision of their dream house, and it can be the same for their dream swimming pool as well. It is important to visualize the setting, which can be done easily by going through some of the designs of Burleigh Pools on Pinterest.

Be it a more intimate setting or one with a spa and fountains; it is essential for the owner to know the ambiance they want in order to communicate that idea to the contractors. While there might be certain things that are nice to have, one mustn’t compromise on the must-haves for them.

The Budget

Before the real work can begin, one has to have a good sense of the budget. When it comes to financing the project, it’s doesn’t always have to be available in the form of cash. There are several ways to pay for a pool, such as credit card, unsecured loan, second mortgage, home equity line, etc. Understanding these complicated aspects is extremely important because it allows the homeowner to make an informed decision. Hence, figuring out the different ways of financing the pool should be one of the primary concerns.

The Right Timing

The process of building a pool is time-consuming. One cannot expect it to be done in a week. Because of this reason, one should set the expectations right from the beginning. If the pool needs to be ready before summer, one should consider hiring the pool builders at the right time. The costs of materials and labor tend to remain almost the same throughout the year, so the best time would probably be whenever the homeowner is ready.

The Number of Quotes

It’s never wrong to learn about the different options available in the market. Any expert would advise homeowners to speak to different contractors and ask for quotes to get the best deal in the market. However, it is important to be aware of the different terminologies people use, which may seem tricky but are usually meant to increase the costs. The best would be to pick three or four quotes from reputable companies in the market and make a decision.

The Home Insurance

Before starting the project, it is best to get in touch with the home insurance company and inquire about their policy rates. Pools can sometimes be a safety risk, requiring certain things for coverage, like protecting children from drowning, installing door alarms or a fence. So, it’s best to get ahead with things and know the costs before getting in touch with Burleigh Pools Burleigh Heads.

Finding the Right Custom Pool Contractor

Once all the important decisions have been made, one can ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations from different pool contractors in order to get on with the process. However, there are essentially three qualities one should look for during the hunt.

  • The contractor’s experience in the industry.
  • The right credentials are necessary for carrying out the construction project legally.
  • The quality of services and flexibility offered with them.

Closing Thoughts

The process is not going to be easy, but every good thing needs some hard work. If these few things are kept in mind, the entire pool-building experience will most likely turn out to be a success.

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