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Hot and Delicious Indian food is delivered straight to your door once you order food online from Holy Cow takeaways. one thing a touch bit completely different on the supply on this menu like Selection of meat, chicken, and king prawn marinated in herbs and spices & cooked in the tandoor. If you’re having a party reception or work, they’ll do the line for you.

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Tandoori Mixed Grill
tandoori mix grill

If you’re searching for delicious, hot, smoky food, then you won’t go way wrong by selecting a tandoori mixed grill to satisfy your needs. However, many folks ordinarily construe what tandoori suggests that and assume that it’s simply otherwise to explain food that originates from India. to assist you to understand, we’ve got a place along with a summary of what makes food ‘tandoori’.

What Is the History of the Tandoor Oven?

The fact when tandoori food is cooked in a tandoor oven is important. These ovens have a fire in the bottom and a single hole at the top through which food is placed to cook.

Tandoor is derived from the word “Tanur”, which means “mud fire,” which explains how the first tandoor ovens were built. You can find tandoori restaurants, which are still using traditional clay tandooris, or you can get modern stainless-steel tandooris.

What Gives Tandoori Food Its Distinctive Flavour?

Since tandoori food is predominantly red, many people are curious about the flavor combinations that make it so tasty. Each tandoori grill takeaway will have its hidden spice blend, but the following ingredients will be used as a base:




Garam masala

Since each chef will prepare these ingredients differently, the heat profile will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Regardless of where you feed, the typical tandoori flavor will be divine!

What Kinds of Foods Are Cooked in Tandoors?

You wouldn’t expect to cook sauces or curries in a tandoor oven because it’s dry. Instead, bread, meat, and fish are the most common foods cooked in this oven. The meat and fish are diced and then built upon a skewer that will remain inside the oven, resting in the fire at the base; the skewers are then removed when the meat or fish is cooked, and the meat or fish is either served dry with rice, or cooked with rice and vegetables, or it is covered in a sauce first.

The bread is cooked on the tandoor wall, which gives it the heat it needs to puff up while remaining chewy. Naan bread, flatbreads, and other flatbreads can all be cooked in a tandoor and eaten with a variety of dishes, including curry.

What Tandoori dishes am I familiar with?

If you’re wondering which dish is most associated with tandoori cuisine, it’s most likely tandoori chicken and sheikh kebabs, both of which are popular around the world. However, any kind of meat or fish can be infused with the distinct tandoori flavor, giving you the most options when ordering a tandoori takeaway.

 Take Advantage of the Holy Cow Tandoori’s Exclusive Offers

The Holy Cow Tandoori is an obvious choice for authentic tandoori cuisine. You can be sure that any meal you purchase will be enjoyed by the entire family thanks to an extensive menu, dedicated chefs, and excellent customer service. Place your order right now!

There’s nothing like a fulfilling meal to ease your appetite and cravings when you’re hungry. Tandoori cooking is one of those dishes that never seems to get old. If you haven’t heard of tandoori cooking, this article will explain what it is, how it’s done, and the advantages of this method of cooking.

What Is Tandoori Cooking and How Does It Work?

Many people mistakenly believe that “tandoori” refers to a recipe. Tandoori, on the other hand, refers to a specific type of cooking. Tandoori cooking is a method of baking bread and cooking meat over a hot charcoal fire. The flavour of tandoori cooking is unlike anything else. Food prepared in a tandoor oven (which is the name given to the clay ovens used to cook tandoori dishes) has a wonderful smoky taste that is unique to food prepared in this manner.

What Is Tandoori Cooking and How Is It Done?

Meats are hanged on hooks within the tandoor to allow them to hang suspended. Tandoori cooking ensures that the hung meat is cooked evenly and thoroughly. The top part of the oven is used to bake bread in a tandoor. The bread batter is stuck to the upper portion of the oven. The bread will also have a distinct flavor. It can absorb the scent of the meat that is being cooked alongside it in the oven, giving it a distinct flavor from non-tandoori pieces of bread.


Tandoori cooking is a fantastic way to enjoy food’s most simple flavors. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a tandoor oven. The good news is that you can get these Indian favorites at several excellent London tandoori restaurants.

Holy Cow is one of the best Indian restaurants in London, offering traditional Indian cuisine. Visit us today if you’re looking for the best Indian food in London!

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