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Nowadays, as a society, we are pervious to new ideas and concepts. Some of these new movements, such as minimalism, can actually improve the quality of our lives. Others, like the advent of AI, have a much wider impact.

The impact of AI

If not already, with its ability to learn from experience, predict, and find novel solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the necessary qualifications to become a trend across all industries. Many of us would love to have machines in the house, to do the work for us. Because proven to help boost productivity, save time and money, AI already found its usefulness in many industries. House construction and providing smart homes are just two of many.

As is so often the case in life advantages and disadvantages come together. The development of AI in the home-related industry is not immune to this “rule” either. Here, we are listing just a few benefits and downfall, as AI is just started influencing with no intention to stop any time soon.


In this hectic world, saving time is what most of us are trying to do, both at work and at home. Stay at home mums multitask, students use Brill Assignment writing service, and some of us eat over our computer keyboard. When a home is upgraded with AI the user needs less time and energy to take care of everyday things, such as heating, cooking, or cleaning.

The intelligent home solution represents a network system where all electronic devices are interconnected, through wireless communications, and capable of sending and receiving data. Even windows can become smart and close automatically when it’s raining, open if the humidity is too low, or lower the shades if it’s too bright. Bottom line, the user can set, monitor, and schedule many operations of the intelligent home system. Furthermore, based on the user’s patterns, this system can learn and adjust its functions independently. Even the simplest switches, dimmers, and outlets upgrade with digital device assistant connection can change any home to more energy efficient. AI makes homes not only environmentally sustainable but also budget-friendly.


First of all, despite many antivirus programs none of us is secure from cyberattacks, including AI. Sometimes in life, when we search for cheaper unreliable shortcuts or when students use some less certain ways rather than professional assistance with custom essay papers, mistakes can happen. Since implementing AI software can be rather expensive, the best way would be to plan it carefully, avoid insecure solutions, and introduce it in phases.

Because AI can perform many operations including manual ones, it’s safe to predict that it will replace people at many jobs. Furthermore, AI can learn and therefore replace human work even in departments such as designing, where creativity and resourcefulness are crucial.


AI plays an important role in the home building industry and therefore increased demand on the job market for AI experts will open more job opportunities. Something future students should think about when choosing their college major.

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John Peterson
John Peterson
John Peterson works as a writer for the magazine ‘Shop and Buy.’ He is from London and has four years’ experience as an academic writer, blogger, and news writer.


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