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By MAGGIE HOLMES 790 views

Intriguing Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

As we are all forced to spend more time at home than usual, many of us have noticed that your homes just don’t feel that comfortable. Even though everyone has a different definition of a comfortable home, there are some things that are signature comfortable things. So, if you are looking into making your home feel more comfortable, here are some intriguing ways to do so.

Pick A Warm Paint Color

One of the simplest ways to make your home comfortable and warmer is by painting the walls a warm color. White walls don’t really scream comfort, while colors such as creamy white, soft blue, moody green are all colors that will make your home nice and cozy.

Incorporate some Wood

Even the slightest hints of wood can instantly warm up a room and make it more comfortable. There is nothing more amazing than a home that has natural elements such as wooden furniture, hardwood floors or a simple coffee table.

Add Different Textures

A great way to make your home instantly comfortable is by adding comfortable things. Add things like fuzzy blankets, pillows and fluffy rugs.

Layer Your Rugs

Let’s face it, even if you don’t like the look of carpet and rugs, they are the definition of comfort. If you are looking to make your home comfortable look into professional carpet installation and then layer that carpet with some fuzzy rugs. It will add so much comfort and coziness into your home.

Hang Pictures That Make You Happy

Comfortable home

Is your home really a home if there aren’t pictures on your walls of you and your loved ones? To make your home comfortable you need to have an inspiring place. A place that makes you happy. Make sure that you are handing pictures that genuinely make you happy. Don’t pick pictures that others want you to pick. Listen to you hear, no matter how random a picture is, if it brings joy to you it will make your home more comfortable for you.

Make Your House Smell Good

There is nothing more comforting than walking into your home and smelling that honey smell. Every home has to have a signature smell that everyone who walks in knows. Having your home smelling wonderful, it will get rid of any negative energy and make your home feel more comfortable.

Decorate with Plants

Every home needs to have some plants. If a home doesn’t have any plants in it, it simply won’t feel like a home and it most definitely won’t be comfortable. Decorating with plants is one of the best ways to upgrade your living room and other rooms as well. If you aren’t someone who has a green thumb, pick plants that don’t require much maintenance like succulents and cacti.

There is Never Too Many Blankets and Throws

As we have mentioned before blankets and throws are the key to making your home comfortable. Choose ones that are made out of soft fabrics like cotton or cashmere or plain fuzzy ones. Put them down all over your home, in the baskets or the won over the couches.

Make A Cute Coffee Station

If you want to take it a step further and really commit to creating a comfortable home, there is nothing that will create that comfortable feeling than the smell of coffee. You can make it by dedicating a part of your kitchen to the station. Put up cute coffee signs, mugs, your coffee maker, milk frother and any other thing that you need to make your drink. It will just make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

When you are decorating your home to create a more comfortable feeling in it, everything needs to have a purpose. If you make sure that everything blends together and has a purpose you will make it look intriguing while still having that comfortable and cozy feel to it.

Maggie Holmes

Maggie Holmes is an Australian blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, technology, and business. You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaggieH04666334