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living room
By ANDREW THOMPSON 1,011 views

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most frequented places in a home and, as such, should adequately reflect the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner.

As time goes on, your living room decor might begin to look unappealing, stuffy, or simply outdated.

There is a need for an upgrade that will add a new burst of life to space. You do not need to do a total overhaul, and neither do you necessarily need a large budget to transform the room’s look.

With strategic placement of some elements and a few changes made here and there, you can end up with a living room that looks brand new.

Here are seven ways to upgrade your living room.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes, merely changing some furniture pieces’ position or placement can give your room a new look. Push a few pieces back while letting the less used furniture take center stage. Another method is to remove some elements from the room entirely and leave the space empty or move another chair into the area.

While rearranging, try to make sure that the new placement of the furniture is aesthetically balanced.

Add Colour

A fresh burst of color not only brightens up the room but also draws the eye, thereby making it a focal point.

An excellent place to add color to the room is through the lampshades and throw pillows. A few lamps sporting the same bases and different colored shades or the other way round can make a unique statement. You can also switch out your old pillows for more colorful ones, ensuring that the colors match your general decor. A textured, stitched, or knitted pillow cover can also add more dimension to the room.

Beautify Your Walls

Your living room walls can serve as a blank slate to hold design pieces that can change the room’s look. You can add a large and detailed art piece or several pieces arranged in a pattern. Artwork ranging from paintings, pictures, or fabric pieces in a frame, can work with all kinds of decor.

To find some good pieces, you can head to your local gallery, commission an interesting piece, or buy art online.

Use Plants

Plants are the ultimate decorative pieces because they add new life to a room and provide various physical and mental benefits to the homeowner. Depending on your living room size, you can place a few small potted plants on the tables and windowsills or put large trees interspersed with small plants around the room.

Another option is to purchase unique plant holders that can be placed on walls or hung on the ceiling. These holders can serve as decor pieces by themselves while also holding your plants.

Change the Fabric

Adding new fabric to old pieces of furniture is a less costly way of transforming your
living room.

You can choose to change your upholstery fabric entirely or add a new kind of material to create a design. To save cost, you can change the look of one furniture piece like the sofa or chaise lounge, making it stand out from the rest.

While you are at it, pull down the old drapes or curtains and put up new ones with different textures and colors.

Install Shelves

Shelves provide extra space to hold more decor pieces in all shapes and forms without taking up much floor space themselves.

You can go with classic floating shelves or use more unique designs like geometric shapes. On the shelves, add a few books with some interesting bookends. This is also a prime space to display your collections or souvenirs from places you have visited over the years.

Upgrade Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is usually the centerpiece of the living room and hence, is an important feature in the room.

You can get rid of the old table and replace it with a modern and unique design. If you choose not to replace the table, merely placing things such as a book, flowers in a vase, candles, or frames on the surface can make a significant difference.

andrew thompson

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