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wallpaper Dubai
By RYAN YASH 737 views

Ideas For a Vivid Living Room in Blue

One thing that most of us ignore while choosing the apt paint to your living room is not giving much thought into how colors can have an impact on your mood. Vivid colors such as red, orange, yellow etc. can enliven a space while cool colors such as green, blue, violet can calm or soothe you. Even though it will be great if the room is enlivening for better productivity, no one loves painting their home entirely in red or orange.  But choosing a blue color and apt furniture from furniture stores in Dubai is always a great idea, and you won’t go wrong with the decision, particularly for your living room. You will feel the difference after painting the living room blue.

Navy Blue Walls With Colorful Furniture

This shade obviously adds life to your living room. When combined with accessories that are contrasting in its looks, it will create a living room that is soothing and a place where you love to be in. Navy blue has a strong resemblance to classic black. Similar to how black goes well with any color under the earth, navy blue can also be paired similarly. So navy blue can act as the perfect backdrop for other accessories from furniture shops in Dubai.

Teal Living Room 

An interior designer at an interior design company in Dubai suggests painting the walls in teal blue. This is a bluish-green color that is capable of giving an unusual elegance to the living room. And the best thing about tea is that it’s available in lighter and a darker shade. Teal is the best backdrop for furniture from furniture stores in Dubai, in lighter shades. Done with painting? Then it’s time to plunge into the apt decor piece from furniture stores in Dubai. You can buy a curtain that goes well with the shade. Add some throw pillows or artwork to complete the look.

Midnight Blue Living Room

To achieve the right midnight blue look, all you need to do is paint the walls without full-on so that the room creates an illusion of double space. This look would be perfect for living rooms with large windows, showing a beautiful view of the scenery outside. When combined with decor which is either golden or red, it will act as the perfect contrast, along with a white ceiling.

Art Decor Living Room

Art Deco design style originated in the twentieth century, mainly consisting of objects that are geometrical, or with bold outlines or irregular shapes, and one can spot decor made of plastic material as well. This look can be achieved by combining shades like blue and black. The ceiling can be painted black, and just bring in a blue sofa. This is the only element of blue in this space and with that some blue here and there throughout the room.

Brick Walls With Blue Decor

A fine-drawn blue is a part of the living room, and won’t be too much blue. This look can be achieved with a blue throw, chair, and pillows. The walls are free from getting painted in blue, and a brick wall is introduced along with a white wall. So, the room won’t look much darker and make the space brighter. To complement the look, you can introduce a wallpaper Dubai.

For ages, blue interested famed ones alike worldwide, and a widespread pick of an interior design company in Dubai. A light blue living can create the feeling of the sky in the daytime and a midnight blue living room can make you feel like you are gazing into the sky in the night. And from the writeup, hope you discover some way to transform your lifeless living room into a better one, without getting help from a maintenance company in Dubai where you can choose the perfect shade for your living room.

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