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By JOE MAILLET 1,719 views


Does your home need an upgrade? Here’s some good news- you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars updating its look. Did you know that most project costs are related to labor? So, if you cut out the contractor, you can save a lot of money on home improvement. That’s the trick that DIY lovers have been using this whole time. They are not only into DIY for fun but also the money-saving aspects. Do you want to get started on an easy DIY project? We have some ideas for you!

Wallpaper Your Walls

Painting walls may be a great idea but let’s face it. It takes a lot of prep time and requires you to know a thing or two about painting. Besides, painting does not protect the wall, and any mistakes you make will glare at you until you do another paint job. So, what’s the alternative? Hanging peel and stick removable wallpaper. It’s convenient, easy to install and remove, and most importantly, cost-effective.

But why choose removable wallpaper? Numerous reasons support this move but let’s focus on the DIY aspect. Without including paste and backbreaking prep work, installing peel and stick black wallpaper is relatively easy. You may have noticed that most people updating their homes have chosen to go with removable wallpaper, and for this reason.

So, how can you wallpaper your walls? First, select a theme that matches the room’s décor to avoid creating a clashing effect. Secondly, pay attention to crucial tips and tricks. While hanging the wallpaper should be easy, you may get some air bubbles beneath the paper. If this happens, peel back the top of the wallpaper and smooth the sides to get rid of the air. Also, make sure you get the dimensions right and always use more material than the intended surface.


Give your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

How about upgrading your bathroom for cheap? With these rooms, it’s the small things that matter. For example, installing a new vanity top could work wonders for your space. You could go for natural stone pieces that would set you back a few hundred dollars. Ensure that you get an option you can install without calling in additional help. Also, to make the room feel more complete, add a new mirror. You can easily find good mirrors that cost a few hundred dollars or even less. Do not be afraid of turning every stone to find good deals that can save you money.

Does a bathroom upgrade require prep work? Sure! But it’s not as much work as you would think. All you need to do is get rid of the previous vanity top, check for any flaws, and fix them, and install the new top. To complete the look, install wallpaper or paint the room before finishing up with a mirror. Job well done!


Install LED Lighting

Lighting comes in three fundamental forms- ambient, accent, and task lighting. Here’s the interesting thing- you may think that your home needs an upgrade, yet better lighting is all it needs. Think about it. When you walk into a poorly lit space, it’s hard to make out the unique features in the room. So, the room comes off as not well put together. How about adding some lighting to see whether the home even needs an upgrade in the first place?

Take the kitchen, for example. Ambient lighting is not optional for this vital space. Without good lighting, you put yourself at risk of accidents and take away the warmth in the space. Installing pendant lights or even recessed lights can fix this problem. For added beauty, try and work with accent lights. Or you can even light specific spots in the kitchen. Have you seen under-cabinet LED lighting? It brings out the beauty of the room while providing task lighting. When considering lighting, always think about the color temperatures. Use warmer temperatures for relaxing rooms and go with cooler options for bathrooms, kitchens, and offices.

Why LED lighting? To save money! You will save a ton by installing the lights by yourself. You can even save more by cutting back on energy costs, which is the whole premise behind LED lights!


Organize Your Closet

Celebrity closets look like a dream with their walk-in options and carefully designed racks. Do you want to have such a closet? It’s easy! You do not even need to call in an interior designer to help you come up with the vision. The secret lies in using your space optimally by getting rid of the clutter. But how do you do that? By installing wire shelving!

The wire shelves are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to install. They enable you to pick everything off the floor, bed, and chairs and carefully arrange it on the shelves. Unlike solid shelves, which collect dust and add to your list of chores, wire shelves are low maintenance. Did we mention that anybody can install these shelves?

Here’s what you do. Start by marking the closet’s dimensions and figure out how much space you’ve got to cover. Also, come up with a plan of how the final closet should look like. Then head to the store and get parts, a drill, hacksaw, level, and a few other hand tools. The mention of tools may have you thinking that the task ahead will be a mammoth, but that’s hardly the case. Trust the process.
Infographic on how buyers continue to prioritize homes that have outdoor space
By HomeLight Homes


Stain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Often, when people remodel their homes, they cannot help but change the cabinets. After all, these fittings start looking a bit off and dull after years of use. Do you feel the same way about your cabinets? Well, you do not have to change them. If anything, all you need is to give them a bit of a touch-up or change their color. For example, you can paint the cabinets bright to make the room feel airier and brighter. Or you could go with a dull color to inspire some depth. Don’t forget the bathroom cabinets too.


What’s your choice going to be?

Joe Maillet

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