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Homeopathy Treatment
By MANISH SINGH 2,750 views

Homeopathy Treatment: How Homeopathic Medicines Work?

Homeopathy has been used for more than 100 years. The human being is a composite of both physical and non-physical realities. It is hard to eliminate diseases from one level, without considering the whole person. Homeopathy restores health at every level: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.


Homeopathy can be considered science and art. It applies laws to science and perception to restore one’s health. In terms of its concepts of well-being, Homeopathy is the most objective science.


Homeopathy uses no chemicals in its medicine. It is made from natural substances like plants and minerals. It is designed to improve individual health, not suppress side effects. Homeopathy remedies are chosen after a thorough case analysis of each patient. Homeopathy can be used as a support care mode if the patient is too advanced to be treated.


Homeopathic medicines are safe, have no side effects, and don’t cause allergic reactions. They are also inexpensive and effective. Homeopathic remedies are effective in treating diseases like headaches, asthma, and nappy rash.

Homeopathy can be used to treat a variety of conditions.

  • For adults Fears, Mood swings, Anxiety, Sleeping disorders, etc.
  • For children: Poor concentration, poor teeth, respiratory problems, allergies, etc.
  • For pregnancy: Homeopathy does not contain any chemicals, so it is ideal for sensitive individuals such as pregnant women or infants.

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Women are very conscious of their health during pregnancy and are concerned about taking any chemical medicines. Because homeopathic medicine is made from herbs and minerals, it’s more effective than any medicine that contains chemicals, which can be harmful to pregnant women. Homeopathy is a natural treatment that boosts your body’s healing abilities and restores balance. Homeopathic medicine is not addictive and has no side effects.


  • A homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing. Homeopathy can be considered a true medicine, as it touches all aspects of our lives.
  • It saves lives and prevents you from suffering from other health problems.
  • Homeopathy has no side effects.
  • Homeopathy is affordable.

Myths about Homeopathy

Many myths about homeopathy have been spread to degrade this highly effective healing science. Homeopaths have very limited opportunities in the media to defend themselves. This is because there are many misguided judgments. This article will attempt to dispel all myths and to show the truth about homeopathy to help people better understand and apply it. These myths and facts about homeopathic are not true.

1. Myth: Homeopathy slows down to act.

The truth: Prescriptions are based on whether the condition is chronic or acute. Acute diseases, such as fever, cold, and headache, are very recent in origin. If the right medicine is administered to the patient, they will see immediate results. Chronic diseases, on the other hand, are those that have a long history. Asthma, Bronchitis, Arthritis, Eczema, etc. These conditions can be caused by the inability to properly treat acute illnesses or consistent concealment of medications. These chronic diseases may require time to cure.

2. Myth: Homeopathy cures all. It’s the Placebo Effect.

The truth: Double-blind scientific studies have shown that homeopathic has a far greater effect than the placebo effect. The effects of homeopathy are well-documented. During clinical trials for various ailments, this was noticed. These clinical trials are carried out by homeopathic institutions that have been recognized. The Central Council of Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) is the regulating body. It monitors these research activities and maintains a record of these trials with scientific evidence.

3. Myth: Homeopathic medicines are water.

The truth: Most homeopathic medicines are prepared on an alcohol base. White sugar globules and pills are not a vehicle or medium for injecting medicine into the body. The sugar globules made from lactose are used to disperse the liquid medicine.

4. Myth: Homeopathy is only for children

The truth: This myth is associated with Homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines can be used for both children and adults. Homeopathic treatment for children from the start can help to eliminate the disease. It also increases resistance to the disease and prevents it from becoming chronic. This helps to develop stronger generations.

5. Myth: Homeopathy cannot be used in conjunction with any other treatment or allopathic medicine

The truth: This is a common misconception. If a patient is receiving long-term allopathic treatment, including steroids or “lifesaving drugs”, abrupt discontinuation of the medication can lead to an increase in severity of the symptoms. The best way to reduce the dose of allopathic medicine gradually as improvement occurs and then stop taking them.

6. Myth: Homeopathic remedies are not scientific

The truth: A scientific “Proving” is where homeopathic medicines are tested on a group of over 50 healthy volunteers. They are then asked to continue using the remedy until they experience symptoms that require further documentation. Substances that have been thoroughly tested include almost all substances on the Periodic Table, including minerals, metals, and gases, as well as snake venom, plants, and even insects.

7. Myth: Diseases increase after treatment

The truth: It is well-known that homeopathic medicines can be given based on similar symptoms. Although the primary action of the medicine may be perceived by the patient to be an aggravation, it is a part of the curative process. Do not abruptly stop taking allopathic medicines at once. Instead, reduce their dosage.

8. Myth: Homeopathy practitioners don’t have formal medical training

The truth: A homeopathic expert is a registered homeopath who has been trained for around five to six years. They also study all the basic subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, and modern medicine.

9. Myth: Homeopathy has some Diet restrictions

The truth: This misconception is about restricting diets like garlic, onion, and perfume. Patients who are accustomed to coffee and betel have had these medicines tested and they always worked. Some homeopathic medicines can be activated by certain substances. These restrictions are not mandatory for all medicines.

10. Myth: Homeopathy can cure any disease that isn’t covered by the sun

The truth: Like any other medical field, homeopathy has its limitations. These include paralytic strokes and diabetic comas, Myocardial Infarctions, and accidents. There are also cases in which surgery is required, such as third-degree piles and coronary artery blockages.

Manish Singh

Manish Singh writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from health and fitness to astronomy, was the Creative Consultant for the Stargate: Universe television series. He enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.

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