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There has been an enormous change in the hospitality industry. And no matter how thriving the industry is, it will often encounter new problems that create competition among those in the same field. Therefore, it is important to note these challenges and find ways to effectively solve them.

David Antico, a businessman and a senior executive with a wealth of experience in hospitality management gives tips on how to overcome some key  hospitality challenges in management.

“The management of the relationship between the customer and the business is one of the core values of hospitality management. If the relationship is successfully managed, it enhances the success of the business. The best practice is to offer excellent individual service to the customer to make them feel special,” David Antico explains.

Technological Hospitality Challenges:

Most hotels make use of complex technology that is difficult for people to use. Some use applications that are not user-friendly. Others employ staff that are not tech-savvy and unable to use these technologies.

The Solution:

Use hotel management applications with automation features for all your undertakings in the hotel. This software enables you to perform your tasks faster, preserving your energy and time. For example, you can provide chatbots for easy interaction with your customers and get feedback from them. IoT (Internet of Things) can be used to manage energy usage and create a friendly environment for visitors.

Provide social media engagement for your visitors through messenger apps, chat apps, or any other app. Enforcing digital marketing techniques productively and consistently goes a long way in solving some of the challenges.

Grooming New Staff Challenge:

Getting competent personnel is not easy and you need a few tricks to retain them if you have them. David Antico advised that “You need to train new staff to mold them to what is required of them.”


Create a learning-enabling environment to train them. Develop a friendly working environment so that they can feel among and not out of place. Encourage collaboration and communication among the old and new staff. This will build their team spirit, create a sense of attachment and responsibility to their jobs.

Operational Cost Challenge:

Operational Challenges happen due to the inadequate application of management tools. It causes loss of customers at the front end and reduced productivity.

The costs of operating a high-quality hotel are expensive. From implementing new strategies, maintenance, payment of wages and salaries, creating new projects, and lots more. Speed of delivering services is another operational challenge.


The management of the hotel should reduce or curtail small expenses that are negligible. For example, using paper print when they can use the computer to store files or disseminate information. The cost spent on paper and printing is reduced. Do away with old methods of management and use modern practices instead. Moreover, regulate consumption, for instance, energy consumption, material consumption, and resources consumption. To monitor consumption, keep a record of the amount used versus the resources available.

Speed of delivering service challenges can be solved by employing enough staff, especially during check-ins and bookings.

In conclusion, hotels should invest in up-to-date hotel management tools to facilitate the smooth running of their operations

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David Antico
David Antico
David Antico a Senior Executive and entrepreneur with a breadth of sales and management experience across both the hospitality and produce industries domestically and internationally. Previous management and/or ownership of 5 separate hotels.

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