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Ever since we’ve been stuck at home – healing from the effects of the Covid virus things hasn’t been the same. Efficiency, working from home, may have peaked somewhat but otherwise, everything has been downhill. But come 2021, the latest hot desk booking software has revolutionized the way offices and co-working spaces will function.

In this virtual world, having control and defining the rules from a distance is the very requirement and hot-desking systems are the perfect answer to this problem.

How? Let us explain

In the age of social distancing, virtual reality has had a bigger impact on the world. More virtual fares, virtual exhibitions, virtual meetings, and other virtual events have filled our minds with this new wave of technology. And mind you, technology is the only way to get even with this problem of the coronavirus pandemic. Because, to be frank, it is here to stay, and we humans must adapt to the new normal to function at our nominal best.

Talking about hot desking systems – the cloud-based platform enables you to choose seats for your employees, allocate seats, track seat utilization, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

Hot Desking Systems In The New Normal

When you bring the hot desking system upgrade to your office or co-working space you get the following benefits:

  • Booking from Anywhere – whether you are traveling, on your way to work in your car, or somewhere else, you can still make the best decisions yourself. The seats can be booked from anywhere when you have the latest desk booking software added to your smartphone.
  • Making Informed Decisions – operations data and insights offered by the smart hot desking systems can allow you to make informed decisions. You can compare enhance the productivity of certain desks and overlook others who are performing at par with your expectations.
  • Finding An Empty Desk – it is not easy to find a space in a world that’s full of people making the most of the given opportunities. No matter how big or small. The hot desking systems provide updates about empty/unused desks so that you can be proactive with your next step.
  • Maintain Social Distancing – the need of the hour is to work at our optimum best as well as secure ourselves against the deadly virus. Strict social distancing measures have been adopted since the unlock stages and we must ensure to follow them. You can do so by making the most of the hot desking system; giving desks at appropriate distances so nobody’s infected.
  • Access Through Smartphones – as mentioned in the first point. You can access the hybrid rooms through the application on your smartphone or tablet. Desk booking software is mobile-friendly and can be installed on your phone. Easy peasy?
  • Better Coordination With a Team – Having the hot desking systems everywhere means you can go to your choice of co-working place. One that has the maximum vacancies and one where you can work in close coordination with your employees and co-workers. Plan what’s the best for you and your team.
  • Lower Operating Costs – of course, goes without saying! Working in a hybrid workplace with the latest set of gadgets can always be more profitable than working in your own office premises without any safety or social distancing. Automated tracking tools can also help you & your employees to save operating costs over a period of time.
  • Detailed Report Generation – Usage patterns of different resources can be tracked efficiently using the hot desking systems.

You can make calculations accordingly to always be ahead of the schedule. Smart office space not only brings together the employees and the management but it makes sure everyone is in a comfortable position. Which in turn can improve the overall productivity of an organization.


The world has not been the same since the appearance of the first Covid19 case in 2019. We, as professionals, have constantly evolved and made ourselves adapt to the new challenges.

By investing in smart applications and hot-desking systems, you can ensure you have full access to all your employees and workers. You can check their influence on your organization, their overall productivity, and everything else without breaking the social distancing norms.

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Get Veris
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