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Offices today are more open but with a risk of distractions that hinder collaboration and productivity. Some workers go beyond their boundaries distracting others. The ideal office should encourage team collaboration while offering the necessary privacy for workers to remain productive. A professional interior designer can help you achieve this in your office with some elements highlighted below.

Quiet spaces

The most significant cause of distraction in the workplace is the noise. This is common in offices with an open plan layout or cubicles. Some workers chat too much-stealing others’ time. Additionally, other workers are distracted hearing their neighbors talking loudly on the phone. Keep in mind that most people can’t work in a noisy environment.

Quiet spaces where the workers can work from help beat the stress. These areas are enclosed with glass to bar noise from coming. Alternatively, a quiet room can be an enclosed room with a window and door. The interior designer will recommend the best option matching your workspace layout. You can also turn one of the vacant offices into a quiet space.

Breakout spaces

Business owners today have to offer their workers separate places for work and break. This allows their brains to perform better in separate spaces matching the task. Contact one of the best Dubai interior design companies to create an isolated space for a personal break out area. This space allows employers to step away to distress for a while. Additionally, the workers can take personal calls from this space without distracting colleagues.

The breakout area also comes in handy for employees to meet prospective clients. This space should have a perimeter to enhance privacy. Taking regular breaks makes workers more productive by gaining a fresh perspective regarding the task at hand. Spending time in the breakout area gives employees the chance to partake in healthier habits like an afternoon walk. Having healthier employees keeps them engaged and more productive.

Meeting space

Offering a quiet respite for your employees is very important but collaboration is also necessary. A professional interior designer will strike a balance between a quiet space and collaboration. One idea is to consider a lounge area looking like a large living area fitted with coffee tables and couches. Your employees can meet up here to have a chat while enjoying a cup of coffee. Another option is to have a meeting room with a conference-style table, whiteboard for jotting down ideas after brainstorming, and comfy chairs.

Doing research can give you the inspiration to choose an option that will work for your staff. A wonderful innovative space allows employees to take regular breaks opening up endless opportunities for collaboration. Team members chat and discuss ideas to help meet set targets. The interior designer will help determine what works for your team and be willing to adjust when space stops being effective at some point.


Choice of color in your office impacts staff in various ways. Red brings emotions compared to green. The right color choice sets the ideal mood for your employees. To promote broader thinking and creativity, opt for green in your collaborative space. Choose blue to encourage productivity in your workspace. A professional and experienced interior designer will help choose colors for the walls, artwork, and furnishings to create the ideal mood in your office.


The ideal office doesn’t have to be like a mini prison without windows. Your interior designer can figure out the best way to encourage more natural light in your office design. The presence of natural light enhances workers’ moods and health. Poor light affects employees’ ability to focus on the task ahead of creating a distraction.

The interior design will recommend ideas like adding more windows, installing skylights, and glass partitions to boost light in your office. You can also set up a rooftop garden where employees can go and take a break while enjoying some sunshine. By the time they get back to work, these are likely to be feeling much better and more energized. This makes them perform better to match business goals.


Finally, the best way to discover whether employees face distractions is through feedback. These use the space regularly and will obviously know areas to consider preventing distractions. The interior designer will rely on feedback from your employees to create the ideal layout. Professional assistance will help make your space more flexible to meet current and future business needs. The best thing is creating space protecting employees from distractions.

Bottom line

A highly productive workspace protects employee health and is free from distractions. These make focusing on tasks at hand impossible leading to failure to meet business goals. Assistance from a professional interior designing company is necessary to create the ideal workspace. A distraction-free office is a quiet space and meeting areas were to make calls from or meet visitors. Additionally, the right color and lighting in your office protect staff from distractions.

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