Instagram is a platform on which there are various users from different parts of the world and over the years it has grown and is continuing to grow massively day by day. Moreover, it has become a profitable and well-paying social media platform for those users with a sharp and innovative mind.

Although before getting started with the different ways you can earn on Instagram there are certain pre-conditions that are required to be fulfilled. The first being that you should have a large number of following base with whom you have a constant and regular interaction; all of which can be achieved by making profound use of the various features on Instagram some of which are; making complete use of hashtags on your posts, posting your content at specific times on which you’re aware of the Instagram usage pattern of your followers, coming up with creative and intriguing captions to which your followers can relate to and connect to which could potentially increase the interaction among you and your Instagram followers. If you’ve already accomplished these two steps then let’s get on with the ways in which you can earn on Instagram fast!

  • Getting Brand Deals from Different Brands

Getting sponsored by well-known brands and getting brand deals is one of the most effective and commonly used method of earning on Instagram. Especially; those Instagram accounts that are fixed to one specific theme such as that of fashion trends, lifestyle, health, beauty and so on.

  • Sell other Brands Products or Services

You can also become affiliated to a company or brand which will allow you to work with them and you can sell their products or services to your follower base that will purchase from you and you can earn a certain amount of commission on the products or services you sell.

  • Selling your Clothes

Another very innovative way to earn money is by selling clothes if you have a lot of spare clothes that you do not wear and are in good shape and form. You can sell all those clothes instead of them wasting away in your closet, they can come in handy and you can also earn a few bucks off of them!

  • Open an Online Shop on Instagram

As online shopping can become very common in the last few years, you can greatly benefit from this opportunity if you have a product or service which you are willing to sell. Instagram provides you with a vast platform which a large follower base. You can turn your followers into your customers and earn money from that as well.

  • Promote your online shops website through Instagram

If you have already opened an online store by creating your own personal website but are lacking on a customer base then in that case you can utilize the platform of Instagram by promoting your online shop to your followers on Instagram, who will very likely visit your website after you promote it using creative ideas. It can be looked at as a free promotion for yourself which you are doing by yourself!

  • Sell your Instagram Account

If you’ve managed to create a large following base then you can also utilize that for your own benefit and sell your Instagram account on various platforms such as Social Tradia, To Fame and various others.

  • Sell Shout-Outs

You can also earn by helping our micro-influencers or small Instagram accounts which are looking to grow instantly by giving them shout-outs and also charge a number of the amount by giving those shout-outs.

  • Sell your Pictures or Digital Art

You can also utilize your talent of photography or creating digital art and selling those to your followers or work with companies who are willing to purchase photos from you or you can work with them and create digital art according to their requirements and earn money from it.

  • Selling Drop-Shipped Products

This method is very similar to that of selling products of other brand but in this case, you will not have to hold any inventory or work about getting the product ready, its packaging or shipping the products to your customer. You will be acting as a medium and only delivering the company its customers and their orders.

  • Start Consulting on Instagram

You can consult or help out other growing Instagram accounts by providing them with the right tips and tricks to grow their accounts instantly according to your personal experience and by what you have learned over time and you can also charge them for the advice you will be providing!

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