You have certainly been on YouTube and noticed that a verified icon appears next to some artist names. As a YouTube creator, do you wonder how to have it yourself? We’re here to help.

The verified icon on YouTube is the equivalent of the blue Instagram sign and lets users know that you are a verified and legitimate creator. This verified icon appears on official artist channels. And that’s not the only benefit that verification brings. It also gives you access to ways to promote your content for free so you might as well take advantage of it.

Ok, but how to do it? In this guide, we will explain the steps to have a verified YouTube account and all the benefits that go with it.

So let’s start with how to verify your YouTube account.

◆ Reasons to Verify your YouTube Account:

To access certain features of YouTube, you must ensure that your YouTube account is verified and authenticated.

The benefits after your account get verified are:

1. Upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

2. Customize the thumbnails of your uploaded videos.

3. You can do live streaming.

4. And, you can appeal to claims (a claim about the blocking of one of your videos by YouTube for copyright reasons, for example)

◆ Steps to Verify YouTube Account:

First of all; You have to understand YouTube’s requirements for official artist channels:

• The channel in question must belong to you and that you manage it.

• You must have posted at least three videos on the YouTube channel

If you don’t have these 3 videos, we’ll let you take care of that right now and come back when it’s done. For those who already meet these criteria: let’s go!

To get started, you will need to request the YouTube support team. To do this, you will need to send an email to:

Email: [email protected].

We advise you to introduce yourself quickly, explain why you want to be verified and provide the following information:

• Your channel name

• The URL of the automatically generated thematic channels in which you appear

• At least 3 URLs of your videos

• Label or sub-label

Once you send this email, you will almost certainly receive a response saying that they are requesting your channel. The process to get verified takes over a month – don’t be discouraged and be patient! Each request will be studied and you, therefore, have the possibility to have your channel checked like all the people who made the request.

◆ Advantages of Having a Verified Account:

What does it bring me beside the verified icon to my name?

A verified account makes it easier for you to control your content on YouTube. As a verified channel, YouTube creates sections with a home page where you can put the video of your choice and adapted content. You will also have access to auto-generated playlists that will keep your fans entertained on your channel for longer.

◆ Benefits From a Media Kit:

This kit is useful for any creator. It is simply a set of promotional tools to advertise yourself. It can help you for your tours, to appear on blogs, etc. Your press kit can contain your albums, professional photos, videos among others.

YouTube’s media kit option provides you with a place to upload your images which will appear in Google searches, YouTube, and YouTube charts. So we keep a professional image that is consistent with the style of the project. In addition to photos, you can add a bio to describe yourself as an artist. You can find our tips on how to write an effective artist bio here.

◆ Become Easier to Find:

With your verified account, you will appear on the right side when users search for your name. In this insert, we find a mix with your songs available on YouTube and a top of your 10 best songs. This feature can keep users on your music for longer, making it easier to listen to and discover your tracks.

◆ Use the Stats:

Artists Analytics shows top tracks and overall views. This feature gives precise info on what your audience likes and what kind of music to favor. The most interesting aspects are the subscription, clicks, and average views data per user. It sounds complicated but it’s important and will allow you to understand how your fans consume your music on the platform.

◆ Enjoy Free Promotion with Artists on the Rise:

With Artists on the Rise, YouTube advertises you for free and allows you to reach a wider audience. The artists who are part of it are sorted by the platform and it is, therefore, necessary to respect all the guidelines to have the maximum chance of being part of it:

• Have an official artist channel

• Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on the platform

• Post regularly (twice a month for example)

• Have a significant number of views

• Have a growing viewing time

If you are part of the promo, you will receive an email or a notification to congratulate you.

◆ Boost Your Tours:

As a verified account on YouTube, you may have the right to display your concert tickets on your channel. Your fans will then be able to see a tab below the video they are viewing with tour dates and a link to the ticket office. To benefit from this tool, you must contact YouTube by giving feedback.

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