Many people will resist giving up their old mattress since they have been using it for long and think it to be their friend in every thick and thin of their life. But research proves that changing your old mattress comes with many health benefits. A sample number of people were told to sleep on their old mattress for 28 days and then to a recommended new mattress for the next 28 days. The choice of the new advanced mattress was unanimous over the old mattress.

First, let me ask you some questions to drive in the point.

  • Do you wake of every morning feeling tired?
  • Did you sleep well last time in a hotel room or a friend’s bed?
  • Are their sagging and unevenness in your mattress?
  • Do you have a favorite corner in your bed for best sleeping experience?
  • Does your mattress make noise?
  • Do you feel the same sleeping in bed and on the sofa?

If the answers are in the affirmative, please be assured that it is time you switch your mattress without any further delay. Read real mattress review ratings before making the choice.


If you are still not convinced let me put forward some of the ill effects your mattress is making on your health silently.

  • Increased stress due to sleep deprivation and lack of rest.
  • Allergies come from the mites that live in your old bedding since they become the breeding ground for the microbes. Respiratory problems may also arise. If you do not breathe well, you do not live well.
  • A plush mattress might not be the best. It may become the cause for your back pain apart from making a hole in your pocket.
  • If you wake up restless, exhausted and unhappy you should know your mattress is not the friend you believe it to be.
  • Wear and tear of your old mattress with lumps will give you a sore body after the night’s sleep.
  • If the mattress spring is worn out and displaced, it will make all the noise to give you a disturbed unfulfilling sleep.
  • Insomnia will be evident if disturbed sleep becomes a habit.

So,why compromise with your sleep and health when there is an easy way out at a price for all pockets. Try experimenting with a new mattress and your life could change. Knowing the health benefits of an improved new mattress should be motivation enough to get one. The real mattress review rating may also convince you.

  • They provide a pain relief experience.
  • The whole body gets uniform support.
  • No allergies no respiratory trouble.
  • Movement isolation which will help in turning sides carefree without disturbing your partner.
  • Temperature control of the body.
  • Longevity of the mattress gives you a hassle-free experience for a longer period.
  • There are adjustable beds which facilitate many health benefits to the heart, respiratory system, digestive system the nervous and skeletal system and so on.
  • The mattress may even maintain a good body shape by preventing obesity due to sleep disorder and related disturbed metabolic rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a trial at your nearest shop or try at home service to try out a mattress that suits best. Till that time, I will come up with the different mattresses and what they mean. Sleep well and live happily.

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