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HR Software
By SHY LEE 2,017 views

Is HR Software Simplifying The Work of Your Company’s Management – Checklist

Humans have been constantly working on the evaluation of technology for the betterment of work productivity. Industries in every business domain are experiencing digitalization to compete at a level where another organization cant, this is possible with the optimization of the weak links and loopholes which are prevalent in your company. In this decade the concept is termed growth hacking which has made numerous start-up companies into successful multi-nation organizations. Here is a checklist that you would like to ensure with your current system or if you are planning to integrate a solution in your company.

There is various HR-related task that needs to be digitalized for making an efficient workflow of employees. Payroll processing, attendance and leave management, optimizing and verifying expenses along with strategizing future plans cannot be done single-handedly by the HR team. There are lots of employees at diversified location around the world working in a single company which is needed to be processed for their payroll cycle. These regions have their own compliances which are formulated by the governing organization and breaching that would lead the company to pay hefty penalties. An HR Software can easily handle all these tasks according to regional compliances and laws which will get often updated. There are a tremendous amount of benefits that are availed with the implementation of HR Software among which below is the listing of the major ones which are responsible for simplicity and productivity.   

Payroll Automation

The main work considered for the human resource management team is accurate and on-time payroll processing for all the employees. As we all know there is nothing as important as money in an employee’s life, they are working out their most productive hours for a company to meet their financial need and its company’s moral duty to get it processed on the expected date. If the salary cycle is credited every time on the predefined date the employees will be unburdened regarding any kind of financial pressure and they will work out their caliber to achieve the task in the most productive way possible. This is the way an HR Software can be used as a tool that will make sure the remuneration is according to an employee’s attendance, KRA and KPI variable, expense reimbursements, and all satisfied statutory compliances. If all the variables are according to the employee’s expectation then they can get a detailed evaluation of the salary in the slip which is automatically generated by the HR Software.

Attendance and Leave Integration

HR Software can be termed as a practical technological miracle that has crossed all the boundaries of automation. Today we have companies with only a few handful employees to gigantic organizations spread over the globe that have recruited numerous talents who are working for them, having HR technology implemented in these kinds of companies it is proven that no matter what size of a company is, it is more likely to experience a stagnant growth with the use of hr software. Payroll integration with attendance allows your HR to process the salary for the exact amount an employee has productively worked in the organization which will justify the investment made by the company in the employees.

HR’s life will be easy as these tasks will be automatically managed by the system while the managerial team can concentrate on strategic development.  

Expense Management and ROI optimization

These are the business that are required to have any situations in which the employee resources need to travel for business trips. Along with these occasional traveling employees, there are field workers who are always on the move for serving different business needs like client visits or regional analysis. These frequent trips have expenses that are done initially by the company’s employees and it is to be reimbursed by the organization. The HR has to verify and pay back for all the necessary expenses and when many employees are on the move the HR cannot efficiently authenticate the expenses. This is the scenario where a possible scam can take place. HR Software’s smart expense management can easily authenticate and reimburse the employee in its salary cycle according to the company’s configuration. These were the HR Software’s smart implications which will optimize the return of investments made by the company. The justified amount can be utilized for better use in extending the organization.

Shy Lee

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development