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I have always been the kind of person who is very conscious about outfits and styling. My belief is that no outfit is complete without a complementing purse. I have a huge collection of every type of purses. No matter where I go and what kind of attire I wear, I always have a purse that matches the outfit and the situation. A huge collection of shoulder bags, satchels, sling bags, quilted bags, hobo bags, beach bags, pocketbooks, and wallets, are always dripping out of my closet.

Being such a purse enthusiast, this Halloween I had to buy a skull purse that could match with my costume of a witch. So, the hunt started because I am really picky and particular about my choice in purses, so I decided to visit the wholesalers and distributors of the women purses on my own to find the best-suited purse with my Halloween outfit.

So, basically, my aim was to find that particular skull purses whose image I had in my mind and that too at the least price. I might be sounding really obsessive right now but yeah that is my level of particularity in buying purses.
So, five days before Halloween, I took a day off from work. All my other preparations were done. Only the purse was left which I left on the end on purpose so that I can buy it at the peak time when the variety of purses is abundant in the stores. I checked out online stores, their Halloween collection and the prices of them. After checking almost every expensive brand to local suppliers, I went on the physical hunt of the most suitable purse.

The stores were full of Halloween stock. But no one understands that in the presence of such abundance, the decision becomes tougher. The colors, qualities, price, and styles confuse the hell out of you. So, you need to have a clear picture of what you want in your mind in order to save yourself from the trouble of getting distracted by every pretty thing.

I started with the most nearby places. There were some local stalls near me. I always prefer to visit local stores first because they usually have very good stuff at low costs. I prefer not to waste money just on the tag of a brand. After getting great know-how about the type of purses suitable for Halloween, focusing specifically on skull purses, I thought that I should look out for other options too where I can find the quality and inexpensiveness at the same time. The local stalls and brands were still looking inappropriate and expensive. After this inconvenience, I decided to visit other places where the chances of getting good stuff in low rates were high, so I went to look for the ladies’ purses wholesale, purses distributors, wholesale purses for resale.

This was another journey which was not easy in its own nature but it was worth it because that is where I found what I was looking for. In a wholesale purse resale store, I found out that black and golden skull clutch which totally matched my witch costume. The great thing is that I got it at really low prices because it was not new though it looked like one.

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