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Best Ice Cream Adventures in Ontario
By WILLIAM SIMON 638 views

The scoop of the Day: Best Ice Cream Adventures in Ontario

There may not be a lot of things that can make your mouth water. But, there is one thing in the menu that melts your hearth despite it being frozen and makes your mouth water too.

Can you guess what is it? I SCREAM YOU SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! If you are a travel nerd than wherever you’re traveling adventures take you, ice cream will always be there to mend your heart.

A food experience went wrong, then have a scoop of ice cream.

Bad hair day on traveling? Get caramel ice cream.


Had a bad breakup? Chocolate ice cream is the best medicine to heal a broken heart.

 So, wherever you go this one thin will never ditch you or con you out of the colorful affair of flavors.

Tantalizing treats in Ontario

Ontario is home to several beautiful attractions. Nightlife, museums, schools, golf courses, etc. everything is worth visiting.

But If you have a sweet tooth nothing can serve you better than a scoop (or maybe two) of ice creams. Or if you think you can woo your date with a unique date idea than you can have a chance straight to her heart (only if you know her favorite flavor!). so despite any reason, you never need an excuse to enjoy a mouthful of ice creamy goodness.

With summer just a few corners around let’s jump on Cambridge airport limo and move to the best surrounding areas and  make a list of best ice cream places in advance while stretching your legs in the backseat of comfortable limo;

1. Eva’s Original Chimneys

What is the best dessert besides traditional ice cream? A traditional favorite of all American, doughnuts! This particular truck sells a delicious treat of doughnut and ice cream.

Toronto is an all-time favorite and when you visit the gorgeous city do take the flavors into account.

An open rotisserie grill will let you fantasize about the fresh-baked pastries. After all the sightseeing you will do, ice cream is the best thing to indulge in. you can even try the doughnut cone (popular as Original Chimney Cone); the doughnut is filled with cream and soft ice cream just under $10!

2. Woofles and Cream

Another unique combo to try on our trip to Markham is the contrary sweetness of egg style waffles served with mellow ice cream. The fluffy batter’s final result is in the shape of golden honeycomb-like squares with crisp edges.

Markham city itself is a combination of various sights to wander about and as long as you do with waffle and ice cream you can enjoy your day in an exemplary way. You can pick a waffle of your choice, each one with a different flavor and the ice cream to try.

Ever tried salt and pepper mixed witch ice cream? No?

Now is the right time to open your taste buds to exotic flavors on a trip to Ontario.

3. Indulge Ice Cream

Ontario has such wonderful and beautiful cities. It is home to amazing landmarks and as well as food adventures. When you are traveling all around the province and visit Cambridge, have frozen goodness at Indulge Ice cream. You can put up with a long hour drive on Cambridge limo from small neighboring towns for the ultimate goal of having some of the fresh waffle cones and ice cream.

Just at the edge of the city is the more than perfect reminiscent of an old shop, now renovated as an ice cream shop. One scoop of ice cream is just not enough, try for two!

4. Baskin Robbins

Ah! How can we forget the top-notch brand of frozen flavor?

Even on your trip to Canada, you can try every local item but Baskin Robbins with its 31 flavors is a deal-breaker. With more than a handful of flavors of ice cream ranging from World Class Chocolate to Jamoca Almond Fudge, it is a real battle which one to choose.

Why not try a scoop for everyone the 31 flavors?!

Let your inner child thrive on the creamy flavorful (and colorful) goodness of yummy ice creams from everyone’s favorite, Baskin Robbins.

Sundaes, shakes or cake, or even a platter full of everything will let you become selfish to not share it with anyone else. But as we say sharing is caring, as you can share your Cambridge limo ride with friends to the ice-cream point you can also share a good treat too right?

Its ice cream time!

Ice cream can bring joy in your life lie a good turkey on thanksgiving. Especially on your traveling adventures, you have bounty to try every exciting recipe off the menu, either its creamy pasta or the yummiest of the ice cream scoop.

William Simon

I am William. I hail from Toronto, Canada. I am a travel enthusiast with an avid likeness towards expressing my travel experiences. I am an entrepreneur as a professional who'd like for people to benefit from my experiences and grow manifolds.