Every parent wants their kids to grow up as good and successful human beings. There are no shortcuts to achieve this. Proper training and guidance help students to learn and achieve what is best in life. The period of school education is an essential one and this one must be spent under quality guidance. As school education is the very basis for every student, choosing IGCSE can help them to get the best out of the school years. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a program that prepares students for future studies.

Every IGCSE School in India follows IGCSE curriculum which is adapted for the international student body though based on the British curriculum. Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education are the well-known exam boards of this exam-based course. The Cambridge exam board offers 30 languages to allow students a chance to study in their mother tongue. It also offers extended curriculum and core curriculum papers in some subjects as well.

Recognized by international universities

Studying in the best day boarding school following the IGCSE curriculum can help students secure admission to the best international universities. The qualification from IGCSE board is considered with high regard almost in every country. If a student has a plan to study abroad, IGCSE board is the best one that can equip the students with the necessary skillset for future ventures. The skillset will help to tackle the academic challenges that the students have to face in international college. Students studying in an IGCSE School in India have succeeded in securing admissions to the top universities.

Recognized by employers all over the world

The skill that an IGCSE day boarding school imparts to its students not only prepares them for better future study opportunities but also job opportunities. Top companies and business conglomerates value the skills that the students of IGCSE schools possess.

Learner centric inquiry-based approach

IGCSE curriculum always puts the students in the center. The teaching and learning practice is designed to help students learn. The curriculum prioritizes every student’s individual needs. It encourages students to develop questions while investigating issues and analyse them. Inquiry plays a great role in learning through real-life connections and explorations. This helps in a better understanding of the world. The learners and faculty of IGCSE share information and resources to take learning to a whole new level.

Rigorous assessment

The flexible yet fair assessment system of IGCSE is the most trusted and reliable assessment system. The assessment encourages higher-order thinking while focusing on conceptual learning. IGCSE is accessible to students of different ability levels. As the assessments are done at the end of a course, students get more time to study and learn things. Having enrolled in an IGCSE school will help a student to achieve both academic and social skills which helps them in the future with studies and career. IGCSE curriculum is a great choice for those who want to excel in life with a great skill set that helps them to make a mark among all.

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