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immunity in winters
By SHIVA KUSHWAHA 1,612 views

How you can improve your Immunity Level during the Winter Months?

The winter season has finally arrived. It is during this changing season when most of us fall ill due to weak immunity level, right?

During this time, common cold and other viruses causing fever to become highly active.

If you have by now started experiencing those frequent spells of cold and cough, then you have to improve your immunity level by eating healthy to keep seasonal allergens at bay.

You will be glad to know that during the winter month markets and superstores are inundated with a wide variety of seasonal and fresh produce. As per experts, one should try to leverage the benefits of eating fresh produce. For this, simply get try to get fresh veggies from the local farms and pack in borosilicate glass lunch box for work or kid’s school.

Through this post, we shall be discussing some food items that you can easily find in your local farms or superstores which can help you boost your immunity level during the winter season.



This bright red colored vegetable is packed with nutrition. The best part about this veggie is that you can have them either raw in salads or cook it to prepare soups and parathas.

As per the experts, beetroot improves your blood circulation level and helps in getting rid of acute constipation. Apart from this, it is even rich in antioxidants that help many people getting rid of fatigue, improve metabolism rate, and boosts the immunity system of your body. So, next time don’t forget to pack beetroot salad in borosilicate glass lunch box.



Spinach is undoubtedly one of the most multipurpose green leafy vegetables which are available in the winter season and enjoyed by people from different walks of life. Broadly speaking, spinach is highly rich in different types of vitamins and minerals. Besides, it has antioxidants that will provide you with the anti-inflammatory properties which further will defend you against heart ailments and counterbalance the free radicals that are known to weaken the immunity system of your body. In simple words, it is known to be the healing food that you must include in your diet especially during the winter season. You can make spinach and cottage cheese or even spinach and egg curry that you can pack in a borosilicate glass lunch box for work.



Last but not least is carrot which contains a good amount of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and beta-carotene that can help you boost your immune system. It goes without saying that carrots make a healthy addition to your meals. Whether you want to have them in the form of soup, veggies, or halwa, you will certainly enjoy them every time you have them.

Wrapping up

So without further delays, we would recommend you to stock up these immunity-boosting veggies in your fridge. Prepare a variety of vegetable curries, soups, and juices and pack them in a borosilicate glass lunch box to reap the real benefits of these highly nutritious and vitamin-rich veggies available in the winter season.

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manages the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry for 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.