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hurricane proof

Impact Windows and Doors Secure your home from these Damages, and More

Impact windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale provide more than hurricane protection for your home. Despite that, since they are more costly than regular doors and windows, people don’t always consider them for their homes. This puts them in the way of danger more than they can even imagine at the time. Oftentimes, when they realize their true worth, the damage is already done.

What Kind of Damages are We Talking Here?

Damages Caused by Hurricanes:

These damages are most severe. Your windows and doors are the points that let hurricanes easy access to the inside of your home. When the hurricanes hit them hard, the window panes can be shattered in seconds. This lets high-pressure winds get inside your house. Everything inside your home will be wreaked badly. Not only that, the air pressure inside your home will increase, which will damage your roof. Your roof may fly off too to release this excess pressure. The lives of you and your family members will be under immense threat too.

Damages Caused by Burglars:

Impact windows and doors are built to survive the hardest of hits from hurricanes. That includes hits from loose debris flying at over 100 miles an hour. When such high-speed impacts don’t shatter the impact window glass, burglars won’t stand a chance either.  But, without such glass protecting you, you could be looking at an unaccounted number of losses in a single attempt. The lives of everyone close to you will be again on the line.

Damages Caused by UV Rays:

One of the reasons to have windows in your home is that you like it to let natural light inside your home. However, with the lurking global warming threat, the sun rays also comprise harmful UV rays. These rays can damage your walls, furniture, and even your skin.

Benefits of Installing Impact Windows and Doors

By installing hurricane impact windows and doors, you can not only secure yourself from the above damages but also benefit in other ways, such as:

  • Your energy bills will drop since impact windows will help keep the temperature constant inside your home.
  • Your home will look great from a distance, thanks to the brilliant designs and colors these windows and doors come in. It’s easy to make out the difference from anywhere.
  • You can still enjoy the warmth and light of the sun, without worrying about the harmful UV rays.
  • Impact windows and doors can cut down the outside noise so that you can relax inside your home your way.
  • (Most importantly) you will be saved from the expenses of changing and installing new windows and doors every time hurricanes pose a threat in your area. Even with them outside, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to be safe indoors.

Would you like to get a free quote before getting these wonderful windows and doors for your home? Then contact your area’s leading impact windows and doors company in Fort Lauderdale for further discussion today.

Jonathan Rodriguez

The ASP Super Home is about helping a homeowner elevate their biggest asset to the strongest, most secure, most energy-efficient, and most valuable version of itself,” says ASP founder Jonathan Rodriguez.