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By DAISY MOSS 2,209 views

The Importance of Gemstones and Crystals In Spirituality

Dating as far back as 4500 BC, gemstones have always been treasured in society and have played an important role in spiritual practices. Every gemstone brings something unique and meaningful, from restoring energy fields to gaining peace, reducing stress, and promoting love. 

We will be introducing a few of the most profound gemstones and their meaning. Gemstones mean something different to everyone who is in their presence, and the power of one gemstone might not be suited to everyone. However, as an introduction, seeing the potential power embedded within particular gemstones like obsidian made into feng shui bracelets will be a good starting point for beginners to the world of gemstones and their connection to spirituality.


Amethysts are beautiful, a purple crystal that is appreciated for their ability to bring relaxing energy to people in their presence. People have found a strong ability of amethysts to connect with the third eye chakras, to relax the mind, and bring clarity, so difficult situations can be approached with a more clear and focused mindset. 

This stone is also known to bring protection, helping to remove any kind of emotional or physical negativity. Some people believe that wearing an amethyst feng shui bracelet can bring back or enhance positive energy. Additionally, amethysts are thought to have healing properties that may be helpful during times of grief or hardship. All of these beautiful qualities mean that amethysts are held in high regard in spiritual circles. 

A vibrant and decorative stone, amethysts have also been popular within vintage jewelry, partially as a result of their status as February’s birthstone. The value of amethysts can vary depending on the quality, with the higher quality stones regularly being used in the 1920s for art deco engagement rings. The calming and protective properties of the stone were seen as the perfect symbol of the beginning of marriage for faithful lovers. 

Overall, the accessibility and depth of meaning behind amethysts make them a wonderful stone to help you learn more about the power of gemstones for yourself. 


Moonstones are unique gemstones that are thought to harvest the energy of the moon, bringing the passive and relaxing energy of yin to the people in its presence. When moonstone was first discovered by Greeks and Romans, it was thought to be a gift from the moon goddess. Positive well-being and balance are innate within this stone, being particularly popular amongst travelers looking for a safe journey. 

This stone is especially popular within jewelry as a result of its beauty, whilst others recognize the power and benefits it can bring to your life. To bring the best out of your moonstone, recharge their energy by placing them by the window overnight to let the light of the moon empower them with new energy. When there is a full moon, this can be particularly effective. 


Moving away from calming energy, we have opals. These are beautiful and unique gemstones that generally have the main body color, with a unique combination of colored flecks that makes each and every opal unique. As with amethysts, the worth of opals can vary significantly depending on the quality. 

Opals represent love and passion, helping to intensify the emotional state of the wearer and to release inhibitions, whilst maintaining emotional stability. Ancient Greeks believed that opals guarded against disease, with strong associations to royalty and good luck. With this stone, both freedom and independence are encouraged for the wearer, making them very popular, particularly in necklaces worn near the heart. 

How To Use Your Stones in Meditation

Just before we leave you, we thought it would be useful to introduce a few simple ways that you can use your stones in meditation

Start by finding a quiet place and settle in a place that feels comfortable. This might be sitting up, standing or lying down with your head supported. Position your crystals nearby, so they can easily be accessed without interrupting your meditative practices. When you are ready, close your eyes and spend a few minutes connecting with your breath. 

Once you feel calm and relaxed, take one of your crystals with properties that you want to connect with and hold it in your hands, however, it is comfortable. Take some time to notice how the stone feels and any energy that it is bringing. You may start to feel different in the presence of the stone, or if you don’t, that’s completely normal. When it comes to stones and meditation, every experience will be different, so give it time if it is not quite what you expected the first time around. When you feel your experience with that stone is complete, you can continue to repeat the process with different stones. 

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the power of gemstones, but it may take some time for you to connect fully. 

Final Thoughts

Many people are skeptical about the powers of gemstones until they experience them for themselves. The healing properties and beauty that are innate in gemstones contribute to their value, as well as their rarity, which has meant they have always been particularly popular in vintage jewelry as well as within meditative practices. These gemstones are a wonderful way to learn more about the properties that make them so important in spiritual practice. 

Daisy Moss