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Ceramic tiles
By BIREN AGRAWALLA 2,553 views

Importance of Using Ceramic Tiles in Homes

Ceramic tiles are made of clay and a couple of different segments, giving it an incredible water and stain resistance. They have an eye-catching sparkle, which wins the core of spectators.  These are man-made tiles, and have gained up an immense popularity over recent decades. The utilization of these tiles has now extended to floors, exteriors and outdoors. In any case, a number of people still visualize a bathroom, enhanced with delightful wall tiles with floral print, at whatever point the word ’tiles’ is articulated.


Bathrooms are the most expected place, where people utilize tiles. Ceramic tiles are best for watery regions, as bathrooms, where water is excessively utilized and spilled. It tends to be introduced for the ground surface and wall, both. It is the floor and wall close to the showering region that face hundreds or thousands of water beads every day. Ceramic tiles demonstrate an extraordinary water safe trademark, and block the odds of water spillage because of abundance utilization of water. They give a shield to wall and floors of bathrooms against water and moisture.


Kitchens are the second room in houses, where water is to a great extent utilized. Thinking about the characteristics of ceramic tiles, many individuals utilize them for the deck of their kitchen. Artistic backsplashes, above sinks, are additionally very well-known nowadays.


Ceramic tiles are available in all colors and shades. One can pick any shading shade of one’s decision or state of mind. Furthermore, these tiles convey against tricky element that makes it a very much loved ground surface alternative of thousands.

There are accessible coated and unglazed alternatives of ceramic floor tiles. These tiles make shiny ground surface, which is unattainable through convention floor laying strategy. This is the reason; ceramic tiles are appropriate for the deck of any zone of the house.


Ceramic wall tiles are additionally to a great extent utilized for the beautification of walls and wall outskirts. They look delightful, engaging, and give an out of the container feel to the environment of the room.

Features brought by Ceramics Tiles

Water Resistance

If you are living in a geographic zone that has a wet land/soil, these tiles can be an answer. Introducing these tiles will give you a stone strong way out for wet floors and walls. Because of their solid water opposition quality, these tiles are additionally utilized in bathrooms and kitchens.


These tiles are made, after the plans of master planners. They bend over backward to plan lovely artistic ceramic sheets. When you introduce these tiles, you get a wonderful feel in your home.

Biren Agrawalla

Biren, an Information Technology engineer, graduated from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,Odisha. He has 4 years of work experience in Qlikview at Indian IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services. With big ambitions since his childhood, he has a right attitude and aptitude of making his mark. He is the CEO of Mytyles.