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Baseball Sport Jersey
By JOEL BORTHWICK 1,226 views

Improve Your Game Standards Wearing the Right Baseball Jersey

Many outdoor games are continuously full of action and exhaustive. The players of these types of sports need to wear the right attire not only to differentiate their identity from the opponents but also to feel comfortable wearing them during the gaming session. Baseball is one of such games that require constant physical activity as the players move throughout the field and tend to get exhausted during the process. Therefore, the right kind of jersey is necessary to be worn by all baseball players to stay energetic as well as look fashionable playing the game. Although there are many manufacturers making baseball jersey, it is best to wear them made by reputed brands as the quality and the materials are better. It is very much essential to choose the right kind of jerseys for the players in the baseball team so that the spirit of the game is maintained as well as keeps them comfortable.

The Points to Ponder


Usually, a baseball jersey is made up of cotton, polyester or polycotton with V-neck or collared design. The color depends on the theme of the group or the club. However, each of these fabrics has its advantages and disadvantages.

Jersey Made of Cotton – The cotton baseball jersey is quite comfortable but not that much durable. Again they absorb the sweat of the body but are unable to dry up quickly. Cotton has a major disadvantage as it tends to absorb the perspiration and gets heavier. Wearing these types of jerseys make them unable to move swiftly on the pitch. It also creates a humid atmosphere between the body and the jersey. 

Jersey Made of Polyester The jerseys to play baseball made from polyester are plastic-based, synthetic fabric and are incredibly lightweight. Polyester is used as a major clothing material in the sporting world. Most of the physical games have their jerseys made of polyester. They are tough and durable, and the colors do not fade over time using them repeatedly and are perfect for rough games. However, the disadvantage of this type of polyester material is that it is not suited for all skin types. It can bring out rashes and allergies wearing them, making the player uncomfortable playing baseball.

Polycotton Baseball Jerseys These types of jerseys are made from polyester threads mixed with blended cotton. Poly cotton possesses the durability of the polyester and the comfortable feel due to the presence of cotton. It is one of the most favorite fabrics for most of the players playing not only baseball but other activity sports. Usually, official baseball jerseys are made up of this material.

The Designs – As already mentioned, the baseball jerseys are either v-necked or collared. However, they come in various colors and prints. Often with the name and number of the player printed at the back so that people watching the match can easily recognize the players. The team logo if any is also printed on the jersey near the chest or the shoulders.

Things to Look while Shopping them

One should always look baseball jersey a perfect fit while purchasing the jersey for the baseball game. It is best to avoid buttoned jerseys as the buttons can come off while playing the game. The jersey should cling to the body but also be a little loose. The material should be light and comfortable to wear and smooth, and should not cause any irritation on the skin.

Thus, with a proper baseball jersey, the standard of the game can be lifted to a great extent. If the players feel comfortable wearing the jerseys it is easier for them to give their best during the game lifting the real spirits making the game more exciting and challenging.

Joel Borthwick

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