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Taj Mahal
By JOE MAILLET 6,037 views

A Travel Visit to Incredible India – Iryna Renkas

Our famous and most adored travel blogger has just got back from her travel to Greece last month and made plans to visit. To visit somewhere rich and abundant in the culture and comprise different communities. By now you might be familiar with the place we are talking about. Yes, you guys guessed it right, it’s Incredible India. India always has been the most lavish choice of holiday destinations. From the scenic destinations to historically and culturally soaked sites. India has everything a traveler admires to look for such as Wildlife, Adventure, Heritage, Hill Stations and Pilgrimage. In this city, bustling with chaos and confusion and the destinations offer laid-back and relaxed stays. It might generate a massive mess in which way to start at first. In-country like India, this might be a hell of a task. Do not worry as our boss girl traveler Iryna Renkas is here to the rescue. After a whole month of spending in India and its beautiful destinations. She has narrowed down the places and made a list of where and when to travel in India’s specific region. In this article, get to know where to visit at first and get relieved of this dilemma, go through India’s top destinations for all kinds of travelers.

Varanasi – 


It is the city of famous writers Kabir, Ravidas, and Tulsidas. This place represents the spirituality of India at its most vibrant. It is believed that a city is a place where an individual can break free from the cycle of rebirth and unite with the divine upon death. The town comprises a magical scenario for every time of the day. One can look at the devout descend the stairs to wash away their sins in the holy water in the morning. And by the time of evening they return for fire-fueled prayer ceremonies. Apart from the overwhelming experiences, there is much more to experience in Varanasi. One can not follow a map to see the best views of Varanasi as the complex web of twisting alleys will be some of the best sightseeing of your life.

Ladakh – 


The highest plateau from being over 3,000 m and extending from the Himalayan to the Kunlun. Ladakh is the place that cannot be explained. The site has to offer both the quenching the thirst of motorcycle enthusiasts to providing spirituality for the ones seeking peace. The best time to visit the place is in the summer. From the thrilling back rides to watching the clear sky at night is the best destination. Iryna Renkas was so enlightened about the Buddhist culture, lifestyle, scriptures, statues and even paintings. Ladakh is a blend of leisure experiences and adventure opportunities.

Jaipur – 

hawa mahal jaipur

The capital of Rajasthan and the largest city of the Indian state presents you ‘Jaipur’. If you are searching to look at the historic palaces and lust to look at the lifestyles of a bygone era, then Jaipur is the one. It is also named the Pink city due to the reddish colors of the historic buildings. To get a taste of the lavish lifestyle afforded to the royal family one can visit the City Palace and benefit from the Jantar Mantar observatory to explore the astronomical instruments to know the mysteries of space.

In the end, our travel blogger has also pinned down her travel in Los Angeles. One can go through the blogs and select the destinations to visit this holiday season. 

Joe Maillet

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