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With the advent of spring, many people will begin to think about traveling. But not about those where you need to lie on the beach and have fun in all-inclusive hotels, but about interesting road trips, classic trips and other options to see the world. Below you can find some simple but effective rules to plan an independent trip.

1. Book Hotel in Advance

Independent tours are very spontaneous. In order to not stay without a place to sleep, you need to calculate the pace of movement. On this basis, look for such options as hotels and hostels along the route. Especially if your route lies through several settlements. 

The easiest way to do this is through the special web sites and applications, sorting offers by price and location. So you do not have to hope for availability. We also advise you about avoiding a luxurious expensive room since you should only spend the night in it. You need to walk more and see the sights, which means that it’s useless to overpay for 5 stars hotel.

2. Make an Accurate Route

Explore the main attractions in advance and select the ones you want to visit. This will help you to save time and avoid boring, trivial places that gather crowds of tourists. Ask the receptionist what places are really worth visiting. So you will see what is interesting to you, and not what the programmed guide should show. YouTube is full of travel bloggers who talk about cool places, monuments, places, and attractions. The more accurately your route is planned, the more you will be able to see.

3. Think About Ways to Move Around the Country

If the infrastructure of the selected country is poorly developed and there is no available intercity transport then car-sharing services will be an excellent solution. Depending on the weather, the distance of the route, and the terrain you can choose a bicycle, electric scooter, or car. One more important advantage of car rental is greater independence. If you rent a car, you can get to the right place and then use the navigator to get back to the hotel.

When looking for the best car deals, pay attention to the conditions of movement and return of the car. Some companies may not allow you to leave a specific city or country, for others you need to pay extra for such options. Therefore, if your route involves intercity travel, clarify this issue before concluding a lease deal.

4. Take Fewer Things to Be More Mobile

For a real road trip, you don’t need huge suitcases. On the contrary, the fewer things you have, the easier it will be to travel. Professionals of independent tourism can deal with one backpack, in which there will be some clothes, documents, and a minimum amount of equipment. This option is also beneficial because you do not have to overpay for baggage. Threw a backpack into the trunk of a rented car and travel.

5. Have a Backup Power Bank

If you travel alone and the map is on a smartphone, you need to less listen to music and watch videos. If your phone will discharge, you will have to ask the locals to explain the way for you what is not always real since you might not know their language. Knowing that the battery of your smartphone does not last long, buy a power bank so that you can recharge it. When you traveling by car, take an optional adapter to charge your phone and power bank.

6. Keep Valuables With You

Documents, cash, and phone are things that can affect the comfort of being in another country and the ability to return home. It is better to avoid wearing jewelry when traveling on your own since they will signal about your financial condition and attract local thieves. You also do not need to withdraw and transfer all money to local currency. Take small amounts or pay with a card. Do not leave bags where all things are stored unattended.

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