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No matter what part of the food sector you work in, you will know that infestations and threats from the various types of pests that can get into your warehouses can cause real problems. These threats from pests can come from many sources, and it is vital to ensure that you put the appropriate measures in place to deal with these infestations before they have a chance to start.

Large warehouses can stock thousands of products from a variety of different sources. You will be dealing with complex supply and distribution chains and a wide range of different monitoring and control procedures governing all of these. You will also probably have a large number of employees who will need to have the appropriate training to ensure that they understand the appropriate standards and procedures that need to be upheld.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, if you are working in the field of food then you need to have measures and regulations in place to help you maintain the appropriate sanitation standards as well as actively working to ensure that you take the necessary action to prevent pest infestation.

Protective Barriers

One of the biggest threats to your business in terms of pests is flying insects. They can get everywhere and very quickly enter your building, causing issues with possible contamination to your products. While it is possible to ensure that they can’t get in through vents and windows through the use of screens that will keep them out, the problem is what should you do with your doorways. This is one area that can be much harder to proof against insects and other forms of infestation. This is due to the traffic that is likely to be coming into your building in the form of employees and any vehicles making deliveries. Plastic door curtains provide you with an ideal barrier in your doorways that can protect you from infestations without making access too tricky. In fact, plastic door curtains should be installed on any doorways that are located near food preparation or storage areas that are used frequently as part of your hygiene control.

Plastic curtains are purchased in the form of PVC strips; they hang in the doorway and can be moved to one side by a person or even a cart or trolley to gain access. The weight of the strips then allows them to fall back into place to prevent anything else from getting through.

Unfortunately, there may be some flies that do find a way to get past your plastic strip and to minimize the risk of infestation you may need to consider installing fly killers as well.


Another issue that you might struggle with, and this is especially possible if you are in the food industry is rodents. It is vital to ensure that you follow a rigid cleaning routine to prevent any issues that might encourage rodents to attempt to gain access to your warehouse. This will also allow you to spot any signs that rodents are around before they become too much of an issue.

Correct storage procedures should also be adhered to prevent food products from becoming an attraction for any rodents in the area.

If you do see signs that rodents have been nearby, you should take appropriate measures such as having traps put down and doing a thorough clean of your facilities to prevent any contamination issues from occurring.

Keeping on top of pest control in the food industry can make the difference between a growing business and one that gets shut down. Therefore it is essential for you to take your infestation control responsibilities seriously.

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