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instagram stories
By SHARON HOOKINGS 1,541 views

Images Getting Flipped on Insta? Let’s Sort It Out!

Our favorite stress buster, Instagram, has helped us to create our world over the internet. With over a billion people connected through the app, it has turned into a source of income for many.

Many social media marketing service providers work specifically to boost your Instagram game. They will assist you in expanding your small business, advertising your brand, obtaining collaboration, and making that reel go viral that you spent hours creating.

It is always fun to create content for Instagram. Choosing the right color combination from the palette, choosing the right topic for engagement, interacting with your audience through the stories, etc.

While creating reels can make your Instagram game stronger, it can become overwhelming at times. Choosing the right topic, editing it, looking for the latest trend, selecting the trending music, writing appealing captions, and promoting it daily can exhaust you. On the other hand, an easy way to get that engagement is through stories. You can post polls in your stories and incite your audience to choose the right option. You can even take suggestions about what your audience wants to see on your profile. Nevertheless, you can organically boost your reels by posting them regularly in your stories. Each view of the story adds a new view to your reels.

Furthermore, to make the social media marketing game stronger, you can attach a link to your website or YouTube channel in your story. But recently, the Instagram stories algorithm has gotten very unpleasant for people. Even after posting stories by checking it twice or thrice, it was getting flipped and the text was mirrored. Eventually, users had to delete it, which was letting them lose their reach.

The glitch persists even today, and platforms like Quora are getting flooded with this particular query. Our team of experts has worked on some of the solutions suggested, tried them in fixing the issues of our clients, and found the best remedies for you.

Bonus takeaway from the article: Apart from fixing this recent glitch on Instagram, we will also provide a solution to some other problems that people face while posting stories.

Let’s get started.

Reasons for Stories Not Getting Uploaded Appropriately:

  • Incorrect aspect ratio

There is a specific aspect ratio that works best for your Instagram stories. The ratio of 9:16 is an ideal ratio for Instagram stories. You can choose the ratio in your Instagram assistant apps like Instashot, Photoshop, PicsArt, etc.

If you do not find the aspect ratio option in the app that you use, then adjust the ratio as such:

Width: 1080 pixels

Height: 1920 pixels

  • Not keeping the margins in mind

Another irritating thing is when you post a story with text and it gets ruined after you post it. You spend a considerable amount of time selecting the right font size, type, and color only to realize that either it got overlapped by your user name or it is not visible. This happens when the text is outside of the set text margin.

Instagram has its own labels, header, and footer text. In the top left corner comes your user name, filter name, or song name if applied. At the bottom of the stories comes the option to reply to the story. The center of the story is suitable for the text in the story.

The technical margin is 1080-1420 pixels. It is recommended to leave 250 pixels at the top and bottom to avoid overlapping with the Instagram elements.

  • Technical glitch

After the internet got flooded with queries regarding the recent glitch in the Instagram story, there was no comment given on that by the official Instagram team. Well, it was a technical error that happened due to over usage and a glitch that people who were using the old version faced. Recently, MS teams have also gotten down, maybe because of the excessive users.

Some of the reasons figured out are glitches due to heavy traffic or issues due to the old version. So, if you were worried about your internet connection or your phone, then you need not worry. It was due to the server problem only.

  • The native camera of Instagram

Every app promotes the usage of its native tools. If you make the videos using the native camera of TikTok, use the editing tools of the app itself. The app supports that post more. The same is the case with Instagram. If you think you do not get much engagement on your Instagram stories, or if your story does not show up to your followers, then it is because of the native tools of the app. Play with Instagram stickers, use the latest filters, post polls, add hashtags, and attempt the latest trends. You support the tools of Instagram, and the app will support you in return.

So, if you click pictures with the normal camera on your phone or through some other device, even then you may not be able to meet the ideal aspect ratio of Instagram. Apart from that, if you feel that you want to upload those perfect shots of the sky or the landscape you clicked with your professional camera, then it is okay to do that. In this case, to get more engagement, there is no need to put stickers on the story to spoil the picture, but you can use the music feature. Choose some aesthetic music as per the picture and upload that perfect story, which is perfect for your “aesthetic story highlights”.

  • Using the old version

Social media marketers have figured out that most of the glitches and engagement-related problems arise due to the old versions. Some old features will stop working, and the new updated features will not be at your disposal. It will make the situation more clumsy for you. Make it a point to regularly update your apps.

Here are some of the solutions that helped in fixing the pictures that were getting flipped or the text that was getting mirrored in the Instagram stories:

  1. Clear the Instagram app cache

Most of the time, the glitches in any app are due to the app cache. If your Instagram story is getting rotated, it may be due to the app cache.

Steps for Android users to clear the cache:

Open settings—-> Go to the Instagram app —-> tap to clear cache —-> The Instagram cache will be cleared.

For iPhone users:

iPhone settings—-> general —-> iPhone storage —-> Instagram app —-> Tap on the Offload app button —-> Again, reinstall the app.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app

The age-old practice of uninstalling and reinstalling the app is the master plan. With the recent glitch, this thing even helped some of our clients fix the glitch. It is so because it automatically updates the app too. Either update it or reinstall it.

  1. Contact our Instagram support team

If you are still unable to fix the issue, then you can reach out to the Instagram support team.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram app

Step 2: Click on the profile picture

Step 3: Click on the 3 lines in the top right corner

Step 4: Go to the settings

Step 5: Click on help

Step 6: Click on “Report Problem”

Step 7: Explain your problem with story rotation. Explain your issue in detail.

Step 8: Click Send Report.

Now, sit back and relax till the time your issue gets resolved. It may take a bit of time.

So, these were some of the reasons behind Instagram stories getting flipped. We received numerous inquiries about this from our clients. We, being an experienced social media marketing service provider, are happy to enlighten you all with the facts and help you solve your digital issues.

Sharon Hookings

I am Sharon Hookings, I've been working in the digital marketing industry and have more than 9 years of experience in this field. Presently, I am working as a digital marketing executive at Work4you.