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Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design
By EMMA SMITH 2,030 views

Choosing and Planning the Interiors and Accessories of a Smaller Bathroom Design

Have a small bathroom can be quite tricky, for many bathrooms are the place where they want to relax and freshen up after a long day. Just because one has a small bathroom does not mean that they will have to compromise on the looks and feel they want to achieve. A simple and rustic bathroom can be made more decorative with the help of lights, new tiles, color on the walls and cabinet designs and cabinet positions to make way for better space optimization. It is all about picking the right tones, right accessories, colors, and theme for the bathroom design.

Designing the bathroom interior

When it comes to designing a smaller bathroom, one may end up being exasperated. One may feel that there is not much space and, thus, one cannot use their ideas properly.

  1. Clear materials: Well, one of the best ways to give a feel of more space is by picking a shower cube that is clear and translucent. Something standing opaque between the bathroom will only restrict the eyesight giving a more constricted feel to space. You can arrange chequered Mozaic or tiles, patterns on cement or ceramic floors that will give brilliance and longevity to the bathroom.Bathroom Design
  2. Removing protrusions: One should remove all those materials and accessories jutting out from the bathroom design layout. Removing them will clear some space and will free up space for better movement.
  3. Smaller vanities: Vanities are great and, they look utterly stylish, but they are also space wasters. So, if one wants to save some space, then choose a smaller vanity for the bathroom.
  4. Smart storage: When space is less, one needs to be smarter in storing various toiletries and products. One can pick vanities with cupboards, door hooks, door shelves, and other storage ideas. You can simply arrange for mirrors, wall-mounted closed shelves, and cabinets to get the best storage benefits.
  5. Bigger tiles: Using bigger tiles and placing them diagonally will give a more spacious illusion to the bathroom design.
  6. Smaller bathtub: If possible, choose a small bathtub, and place it on the far wall to give more space for walking around.

Must-have accessories

Now that one has made the bathroom look bigger, and the layout is decided, let’s see what all accessories are must-have:

  • Towel holder: One can choose ladder holders or hooks as per the style and space one is looking to fit it into.
  • Mirrored cabinet: One can pick a mirrored medicine and makeup cabinet to save space and have a stylish mirror.
  • Soap holder: Always pick the right soap holder that is both stylish, interior, and effective.
  • Toothbrush holder: One can either choose toothbrush cups, but if one wants to save space on the vanity, choose a wall holder instead.
  • Lighting: Lighting should be picked to give a brighter look to the bathroom design and make it more spacious and not cluttered.Bathroom Design

Buying the right accessories

Here are some tips that will help in buying the right bathroom accessories while designing the space:

  • Color: Always choose the right colors that will go with the interior.
  • Size: If one wants to design a smaller bathroom, make sure that the accessories will fit the space.
  • Brand: Look for brands that are reputable and provides good after-sales service as well.
  • Budget: Accessories should be within budget, and therefore doing some pre-research is helpful.

The bathroom design should not be cluttering and jam-packed. The interior should be spacious and should have a warm feel to it. One should pay attention to the space available, colors, and the overall style while designing the bathroom. When you hire the design and renovation experts, you should also check the recent trends in bathroom designs that you can go for.

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