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Quality sleep comes from sleeping on a quality mattress. However, there’re situations where your sleep quality might be compromised by various situations especially your choice of mattress. The best thing to do is to invest in a quality topper. With a variety of options on the market, a latex topper is a great option. However, it pays to understand these 5 circumstances when to invest in a topper for your mattress. Read on.

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Very firm mattress

You can’t tell how your mattress will feel as days go by. Keep in mind that the mattress firmness will gradually change with how long you use the mattress. However, avoid thinking that because the mattress seems too firm that you’ve made a mistake. If you wish your mattress was a bit softer, consider investing in a soft or medium latex topper with about 2-inches. A soft topper will give you better support and make your mattress feel softer without compromising its feel.

Old and uncomfortable mattress

Put a topper over your old mattress to give it a new life. The topper will make an uncomfortable mattress feel great without making you buy a new mattress. A mattress with soft polyurethane foam on top degrades with time losing firmness. This happens according to mattress quality. A spring mattress will lose firmness and soft cushioning making you feel the firmer springs beneath. Placing a topper over this mattress will restore the cushion once provided by polyurethane foam. Latex offers more support and your old mattress will feel more comfortable.

Very hot mattress

A latex mattress topper breathes very well making it an excellent addition to the surface of your mattress when it feels hot. Do you sleep on a memory foam mattress? This retains heat because it lacks air channels for the heat to escape. Luckily, latex natural breathes and has air channels for air circulation. Choose a thick topper for resolving heat issues on your mattress. This will offer an adequate barrier between your body and the mattress.

Mattress caving in

A memory foam mattress seems cooler but is uncomfortable to sleep on. Apart from getting hot, this mattress caves in as you sleep. The memory foam mattress has a slow movement that seems cool at first but harder to sleep on. You’re likely to frequently wake up throughout the night since this mattress restricts movement during sleep. To counteract this, place a 3-inch latex topper on top of the foam mattress for adequate support at every point instantly to keep you comfortable.

When building a new mattress

Are you building your own mattress but need a top layer? Well, consider adding a latex topper. Find a store with 100 percent natural latex toppers to make your DIY mattress environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. For a mattress that meets federal fire regulations, choose a topper with a wool barrier.

Final thought

A topper is a wonderful investment in such situations to enhance the feel and quality of your mattress. Keep in mind that not any topper can offer good value. Consider investing in a 100 percent natural latex topper for its environmentally friendly benefit.

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