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Invisalign Treatment
By MANISH KUMAR 1,875 views

8 Quick Hacks to Accelerate the Invisalign Treatment

Have you done Invisalign treatment recently and want to put an end to it early? Of course, there are several options to accelerate the treatment which are not recommended although! However, still you can boost up the speed of Invisalign treatment! How? Here, we have noted down some quick hacks for you to get done with Invisalign treatment much early. So, let’s see what they are…

1. Visit the Dentist at every Appointment :

At an alternative month, you have to visit the dentist with Invisalign treatment. Cancellation or postponing the dental visit can linger the outcome as the dentist will not be able to monitor it hindering your aim to accelerate the treatment. As a result, you can’t progress to the next aligner set due to which there will be no tooth movement at all.

2. Put on the Invisalign tray for at least 20 hours a day :

Wearing the aligner for long 20 hours can make a big difference. If you can’t comply with the Invisalign aligner then delaying the outcome is substantial. Consistent pressure has to be exerted on the teeth to move them to their original position. In case, you pop them out before the mentioned time then it will lead to teeth relapse. Excessive forth and back of the teeth position is actually harmful to the roots of the teeth which experience extensive damage.

3. Brush the teeth before wearing the Aligner :

Unclean and dirty teeth will slow down the treatment progress and hamper the overall dental health simultaneously by causing cavities. The saliva and bacteria present in the mouth will start breaking down the aligner due to a lack of regular cleaning. Soon, they will become more flexible and inefficient to shift the teeth to their desired position. Hence, before wearing it again after eating make sure to brush your teeth.

4. Wash the aligner extensively :

Most patients think aligner cleaning is quite simple just like brushing the teeth. They will make use of toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean the aligner as well. But, using toothpaste can damage the aligner leading to the development of tiny scratches which are later used as a hiding spot for the bacteria. It might seem this is not a big deal as you will switch to the next tray set within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this window period is enough for the bacteria to invade your dental health causing hollowness and cavities. Eventually, it will make the aligner less efficient as well by breaking down the tray material.

5. Handle the aligner gently :

Once, you are used to it, forget will be common to put on the aligner. It is just because of the comfort it provides that they even can’t feel it into the mouth. As a result, they forget to pop it out during eating or drinking something which results in damage to the aligner. Even after removing it out during eating, most patients wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in the bag. When later it is rescued most of the time the aligner is snapped or cracked.

So, be careful with the aligner and put it in the case always. Never late for the replacement as it will delay the treatment progress.  Speed of the treatment is partially dependent on your of handling the aligner too.

6. Choose short-term (cosmetic) braces :

Invisalign aligner for the short term is incredible to straighten the front teeth in a limited time. It is an aesthetic-oriented treatment that never spends much time for back teeth lining. Invisalign Express can get finished in 6 months so it is not suitable for every orthodontic case. One should have the precise healthy biting ability in the back teeth before opting for this accelerated brace.

7. Inquire about any acceleration device :

It depends on the eligibility as every people can’t opt for it. On the other hand, it does wonder for many dental patients at the same time. This specific device has to be worn over the Invisalign for refluxing tiny vibrations to the teeth for 15-20 minutes every day. It will stimulate the small ligaments surrounding the teeth for accelerating their movement with bone remodeling. But as far as Invisalign experts are concerned, patients must be cautious as more possible changes and frequent re-mapping are needed in the treatment plan due to the accelerating device.

8. Replace the tray as per instruction :

Promoting the next Invisalign tray set ahead of time is probably the easiest way for saving time for the orthodontic plan by accelerating the speed of treatment. But both Invisalign specialists and orthodontists are against it. Taking out the existing tray even a day before the mentioned time can cause major effects like root resorption, bone damage, and relapse. Even sometimes the entire plan has to be re-created for some individual cases.

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