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Wayne Rooney
By ANCHIT SOOD 4,982 views

Is Booing ever Acceptable For the most Recognizable Football Icon Wayne Rooney?

Have you ever considered booing one of your own players due to his current low performance is respectable? Moreover, if that player is the captain of your football team who has given much more to his nation in the past? Wayne Rooney England and Manchester’s captain booed by his own nation’s fans at Wembley stadium against Malta. This was not solely impolite however downright absurd. Unquestionably, everybody that watches sport has its own opinion about an individual player playing that particular support. However, the argument that Rooney ought to be born is one issue, however, to boo the person while he represents the country he clearly loves could be an unhappy indictment of English football and also the wider perspective of social media-led opinion in sport generally.

It might seem like The English, want to destroy their own. Booing his national football player is the most disrespectful manner. In the modern era where everyone has access to voice his opinion and post on social media just in the hope of gaining publicity.

What has Wayne Rooney done to merit such a backlash? Aside from the crime of declaring for European countries over the Republic of Ireland, the man is, beyond any doubt, a footballing legend and lives his, and each different Englishman’s, dream. But, perhaps, there lies the matter.

Wayne Rooney has represented his country since the age of 14 and remains England’s youngest ever goalscorer. He has given his entire life to his nation and at this time when he is just low at his performance, his countrymen are not supporting him which is the unacceptable thing. Football is a team game and can’t blame only one person for the team defeat in a match.

If we see the selection process then we come to know that team and captain picked up by the managers.  Wayne does not choose his own position nor does he have chosen the injured players in place of in-form players. Then why The English, solely laid England’s failure at the feet of an “out of form” Wayne Rooney?

Fort Wayne, it would have been easier to fade away from the ground however he bravely faced the media. He was assuring his countrymen that he will do anything and everything to win his place back. Being a captain he did right and it’s a good thing as per my point of view. That we call as an act of the captain.

How such a humble and brave player could be disrespected by his own countrymen when everybody knows about his achievements. He is not an ordinary player. He played for the England senior side 117 times and worn the captain’s armband for much of those. He is England’s all-time record goalscorer.

His achievements do not require explanation and should not be forgotten by England’s people. Rooney is a PFA player of the year, a PFA young player of the year and a Football Writer’s player of the year. He is a Champions League winner, and FA Cup winner, a multiple League Cup winner, and a multiple Premier League champions. His awards, both collectively and individually, go on and on. He has never said no to his country; hence, the reason why he’s closing in on England’s all-time appearance record.

If England fans want a reason for his underperformance then they should ask questions to all those managers and decision-makers who failed to create a good team around young Wayne Rooney. If they want to boo anyone then boo those managers who are responsible for developed a player who now, at age of 28, still doesn’t know whether he’s a winger or a striker.

Like all English fans, Wayne is eager to discard the remembrance of Iceland and a poor Euro 2016 campaign. He is a responsible player and knows thing needs to improve. He simply needs the support of his countrymen to make things good to finish his international career on an upward curve.

Anchit Sood

Anchit is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Reputation Savvy Inc. & Websetters which is a pioneer in creating big brand websites, develops social media content, Online Reputation Management, and Marketing strategy