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The professional Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais has started the African innovation foundation in the year 2009. Actually, this foundation contains the three flagship programs i.e. African law library, Innovation Prize for Africa and social impact program for Africa. The purpose of this foundation is to endow the support for the maintainable projects which improve the lives and future of Africa’s folks.

This professional is a controversial Swiss Angolan tycoon who made an affluence in banking, technology as well as real estate businesses. Furthermore, he runs a multinational corporation which extents numerous high growth industries from Switzerland to Angola.

Innovation Prize for Africa – Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais

This flagship of African innovation foundation rewards the modernizers of Africa for the work they are doing to cultivate the ecosystem. Individuals can see Jean Claude Bastos De Morais Forbes in order to know more about this program. Innovation Prize for Africa is the leading platform for the innovators. Actually, this program has a network of more than 8000 innovators.

The professional also says that he wants to create the ecosystem around creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the slums. Actually, the need for the new products in the slum is more for fast learning. In fact, to do innovative work individuals do not need that much knowledge. The will and motivation are enough to show any kind of creativity. Here are some of the benefits of innovation prize for African innovators:

  • Investing in home-grown innovations and entrepreneurship will increase the Africa’s prosperity.
  • The innovation prize program will drive both the industrial development as well as cross-collaboration.

Port of Caio – The Opportunity for African Private Investors to Generate the High Returns

More about the Innovation Prize Program

In this program, the young slum folks are taken into the maker spaces. According to Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais, this is one of the best ways to show slum people that they can also build new things. Actually, here individuals have to work with iron, wood, plastic and all kind of materials. In fact, the kids who participate in these classes are able to reconstruct the 3D printer within the three weeks. The professionals rent the 3.3 hectares land at the soap factory and put containers in the space.

They allow individuals to play with the containers by adding glass or doors. Furthermore, all kind of culture from music to the theatre is integrated in order to create an interesting place for young folks to participate. Along with this, there are lots of computers placed in the maker space so that the youth of slums can play with them. One can check Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais LinkedIn profile in order to know more about his innovative works.

The professionals at this program demonstrate them how to use the electronic devices. Also, the youth can learn how to weld and change the iron as well as how to print the T-shirts. There are also other facilities including sports activities, radio station, incubator, and accelerator etc. These help individuals from different communities to express what they need or their needs.

The Innovation Hub drives Social Change in Angola

Actually, the innovation hub offers the tactics to drive the novelty led opportunities for the folks of Angola. This is according to Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais Forbes the founder of African innovation foundation. The professional says that the new innovations positively impact the community. Actually, both the necessity and creativity are drivers of the invention. The main purpose of the invention hub is to thinning the gap between formal and informal sectors. In fact, the innovation hub will help in the initiation of the novelty startup in Angola.

The professionals are providing training to the local societies so that they can become their own inventors, manufacturers, and marketers. In fact, the land of the slum area has been cleared for the organic agricultural purpose. This will allow the people to make their own supply chain of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Overall, the hub will bring together both the authorities and mentors across the world in order to share their knowledge and harness inventive ideas into palpable outcomes.

The Dual Heritage of Jean Claude Helps in Making His Business Goals

In Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais Books, he says that his dual legacy has a substantial influence on the work he does. While growing up as a Swiss Angolan, the professional experience the ethnically rich background. Furthermore, he inherits the best qualities from both sides of families. The professional also said that the combination of Swiss desire and African perception helps in outlining his business goals.

In reality, he acquires traits like creativity, sincerity towards glitches and not grouchy when things go incorrect from the African side. Plus, Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais mention that the discipline towards work comes from Swiss family. So, the combination of European and African thinking has made him what he is today.

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