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jean-claude bastos de morais empowerment women
By CYNTHIA CLARK 1,158 views

Empowerment of Women is Necessary for African Development

Technologies are growing rapidly and most African countries are only playing the catchup. In reality, the major defy of the technology startups in this continent is the funding. The African continent has a lot of potentials to grow. According to Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, introducing the informal marketplaces into the formal African frugality aid in reducing the poverty.

In fact, the entrepreneur implements this idea through his project “Fabrica de Sabao” the creativity and innovation hub. The main purpose of this innovation hub is to bring together young innovators so that they can share their ideas.

In reality, Africa has the fastest rising youth populace across the world. Moreover, 50 percent of the population is of women. But the females in Africa face the disparities in the workplace. This not only hurts them but also their families, societies as well as the state.

Hence, the easiest way to overcome the poverty is the empowerment of women this is according to Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais

Women Empowerment is a Controversial Issue Says, Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais

The empowerment of women is a controversial issue across the world says Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais LinkedIn profile. Hence, if the equality is yet to comprehend in the developed economies, then what odds of African Women. According to a Global Gender Gap report 2016, the gap between education, economic opportunity, and health in the African continent is shut by only 4 percent in past 10 years. It also tells that the discordance of consequences between men and women are driven by pecuniary contribution in emerging frugality. Furthermore, in Africa, it is driven by the education.

In reality, as education is the key to empowerment similar to this monetary inclusion helps determination to grow. The World Bank 2014 report says that the women in the developing countries have 20 percent fewer bank accounts than men. It is clear from Jean Claude Bastos de Morais Forbes that in Africa the figures are worse as only a few adults hold the bank account. Not having an account means, no credit history which is an obstruction to women African tycoons. Some other barriers for the women enablement include social and cultural outlooks.

Private Businesses Encourages Novelty for African Women

Nowadays, many private industries, not for profits and contributors are playing a crucial role in encouraging the enterprises and innovation for Women in Africa. Moreover, in March 2017 the World Monetary Forum search for the top female tech modernizers in the continent.

The reason behind the search is to invite the women for sharing their experience at the Forums provincial conference. Actually, the contest is open for the women tycoons whose corporate is three years old says, Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais. Furthermore, the claimants also demonstrate their business’s social as well as commercial potential.

Entrepreneur Startup the Innovation Hub in Angolan Slums

From Novelty to Women Empowerment

Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais starts the African Innovation Foundation in the year 2009 with the purpose to increase the wealth of African. This foundation looks for individuals who create solutions for continent defies. In fact, Claude foundation also rewards the annual invention prize for Africa.

Actually, the concept of becoming a businessperson is continued to promote in Africa especially in schools. Along with this, the professionals also talk about it in conservative zones where females are not predictable to work in corporate.

In 2016, Michelle Obama speaks about the barriers of a female in business. Along with this, she also tells the benefits that females can bring to the society. Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais LinkedIn shows how the African Innovation Foundation helps in women empowerment. In fact, according to the professional, female must be at the vanguard of an enterprise with their male counterparts in order to increase the continent wealth.

Successful Women are Great Example for other Girls

The professional says that when a girl with good edification become successful lady she does not just enjoy the fruits of success. Instead of this, a prosperous female tycoon reaches back and aid other girls along after her. In fact, Jean Claude Bastos de Morais Forbes states that the successful businesswomen are the great example of what a girl can achieve if she gets education and empowerment.

Along with this, an equivalent opportunity is also crucial for the girls so that they can select their own way of success. Fact is, women are vital to end the poverty across the world. Empowering women role as entrepreneurs, economic stakeholders, leaders, and consumers transmute the continent.

Wrapping Up

This is really a great initiative by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais which cornering the poverty in Angola. In fact, this innovation specialist is trying to introduce similar hubs across Africa in order to convert the continent into the center of innovation. The professionals Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais says that if continent economy wants to realize its full potential, then female must be the forefront of novelty.

Cynthia Clark

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