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By KRYSTA JAKSON 489 views

What skills to highlight if you want a job in Big Data

Are you looking for a job in Big data? If so, you may want to know what the essential skills to brush up on are going to be when trying to land one of the great big data jobs. If you are new to the tech career ladder or are looking to brush up on your skills, we will take a quick look at the skills you need to highlight when applying for those dream jobs.

Learn Programming Languages

To start with, you want to stand out from the crowd when looking for big data jobs and so it would be beneficial for you to invest your time and money into learning core languages. It would be impossible to learn every programming language available, but, if you could learn the most relevant programs, then you will have better career prospects.

The core languages include; Python, Java and C++ and this year, JavaScript, C#, Go, Golang, Node, Ruby and Terraform are expected to be the hottest languages you can add to your belt to be a top candidate for big data jobs.

Learn Data Structure And Algorithms

Data structure and algorithms are considered valuable skills to possess when acquiring a career in big data. By learning these skills, you will become comfortable with data types including stack, queues, and bags, sorting algorithms using quicksort, merge shot and heapsort and data structures using binary search trees, red-black treesand hash tables.

Analytical Skills

If you are a whizzkid in online puzzles and enjoy playing chess, these games and hobbies can widen your analytical thinking. By doing this, you can become a pro in big data as analytical skills are in high demand. So, to make it big in big data jobs, you need to have a good understanding of business analytics.


If you have always enjoyed solving maths problems, calculus, and linear algebra, then big data jobs could provide the perfect career path for you. Being able to solve such mathematical challenges will give you the experience to comprehend most of the probability, statistical and machine learning issues required for big data jobs.

 Learn a Range Of Technologies

There is a range of technologies that you could be used in a big data job some more frequently than others, so it would be worth researching. The essential tools you will need before anything else are Microsoft Excel, SQL and R. Then SPSS, Cognos, SAS, MatLab would be next to learn. You should also be familiar with Python, Scala, Linux, Hadoop and Spark along with the others.

A lot of data is currently written in Java so you should have already come across this. Once you have cracked Java, you are set to tackle Hadoop for Spark. You should be able to code in all three programs Java, Scala, and Python. Spark technology is becoming a lot more important this year as it all works from memory and works a lot faster.

Personal Enhancement

To have the best chance at landing that big data dream job, you must already have reliable IT and mathematical knowledge and experience giving you the opportunity of understanding the big data market and background of handling information and programming skills. To be at an extra advantage, researching all of the technologies mentioned above will get you some brownie points and if you can handle them even at a basic level, this could move you to the top of that application pile for your first big data job.

Krysta Jakson

Krysta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts.Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health,lifestyle , travel and other leading blogging platform & loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.