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Nothing gets me out of bed faster than thinking about my first cup of coffee. The thought is not only relaxing but invigorating as well. From measuring beans, to taking the time to grind, I find myself at one with the world.

After so many years, I imagine that I can brew an amazing cup with my eyes closed. That thought never wins out, however, because I then miss one of the primary joys of the process. From pouring the coffee into my French press, adding water, and beyond, I know with certainly that I am just a few moments away from my first cup of the day.

It is during this first cup, really the first sip, that I begin to browse the morning news. I cannot imagine a morning without my first sip. While it is unusual for me to use pre-ground, it is not really that big a deal. The last decade has given me a chance to fall deeper in love with my favorite drink. The amazing creativity that young entrepreneurs are investing in the coffee bean is fun to read about, and even more, fun to try.

Nothing beats the smell of coffee. I fell in love with the scent as a pre-teen. I remember vividly sitting in my kitchen and wondering how something so wonderfully and differently scented could possibly exist. At the age of 14, I had my first taste. I believe it was Folgers!!! But that was ok. I knew from the first sip that coffee was going to be my drink of choice. The fuel that would take me through the day. The beverage that sped me up, or slowed me down. Whatever I needed it to be. Whenever…

On average, I have about three cups of coffee per day. On long days, I go to five but never more. One in the morning, one in the early afternoon, and one right when I get home from work. I have found that the after work shot really gives me that little energy burst I need to finish off the day with gusto.

The joy of conversation is enhanced by coffee. Checking up with friends is oh so much easier when working your way through a cup! Coffee has been there with me for important occasions both personally and professionally. It was there when I clinched my first big deal. It was on the table during a special and major life event that only those close to me know about.

I am quite certain that friends roll their eyes now and again when I begin to talk about my perfect favorite drink. In all seriousness, I don’t care. If I were in their shoes, I would roll my eyes as well! I can’t help it.

Whether it is the calming effect, the socialization opportunities, the get up and go or just the taste, my love for coffee is pure. One of the loves of my life!

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Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler is a New York City-based entrepreneur, financial expert and coffee lover. Engler has many years in the game and through his own personal success in the franchise and finance worlds.

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