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By SARA WILSON 7,710 views

Eight Weird Self-Care Hacks

Self-care is a serious issue these days. In this 21st century, people are running towards money, pride, popularity, etc forgetting to spend time taking care of themselves. It is a basic requirement for a healthy and happy life. First of all, what is self-care? Taking care of yourselves for your well-being mentally, physically, spiritually, etc is said to be self-care in brief. It should be blended with your day-to-day activities to make it a habit.

Some tend to think self-care is all about lifestyle, fashion, and a variety of fancy stuff for showing up which are expensive for normal people to be. However, self-care is not always about costly stuff. There are a wide variety of self-care hacks which literally cost you nothing and are life-changing when used consistently. There are also some practices in which you may think “Are these silly things coming under self-care?”. Fortunately, yes they are. In this article, we will go through some of the weird self-care hacks that will make you a better person.

Revisiting Childhood Hobby

Childhood is always the happiest part of every individual’s life. We people always forget the kid in us as we get older which should be avoided. It is always great to find time to do your favorite childish stuff to escape for a while from your everyday life. That will be a stressbuster and make you feel good and contribute to your mental health too.

Listening To Your Favourite Music

Music is always the easiest therapy available for instant mood shifts. It also has various scientific effects like improvement of concentration, decreasing stress, and much more. Literally, there is no soul which hates music. So, turn the playlist on with your favorite kind of music – sit back and relax. This can be one of the greatest and simplest routines to take care of yourself. It will have a great effect on your mental health, mood swings, etc.


If music is a self-care routine and obviously dance too. It is one of the divine combinations of nature. Experts from ThreeBestRated® insist that casual dancing to your favorite music for a small time every day drastically transforms your mental health. It reduces anxiety to the core and instantly makes you happy. Dancing can also be considered the best alternative for exercise as it gives some kind of casual workout to your body. Another interesting fact about dancing is that it increases self-esteem.

Recalling Your Memories

Memories are always special and hold a very beautiful place in our hearts. Even if the person changes with days, that unmatchable feeling from their memories and photographs will never change. Therefore, revisiting the happiest moments within your heart and even going through those happiest moments which are photographed bring happiness and peace. You may even think these will fall under self-care. But believe me, these practices will also contribute. Self-care is not always about physical looks and lifestyle. More than that, mental well-being is very important.

Enjoying Your Favorite Food

Everyone loves food. Researchers state that giving someone their favorite food instantly enhances their mood. But you have to make sure that the food is healthy too. Moving out and trying different food and restaurants can be an extended version of this. If it is with your loved ones, it will be even great. It also helps in making memories and that lasts forever.

Spending Few Extra Moments On Bed

We people always grab our mobile phones immediately after waking up which actually leads to unnecessary stress. Instead of that after walking up, you can take a few moments within the bed to witness how you are actually feeling and give some time for relaxation. It highly helps in making your thoughts clear and plan for the day. It gives the initial push to begin your day effectively.


It may feel weird to you and that is why it is on the list. Self-talking is simply talking to yourself. Normally all people will do it within themselves while thinking. In this case, you have to talk out loud. Believe me, it will bring an excellent change in you in many aspects. The main point to be kept in mind is that you should always say positive words, that is the magic in this practice. It is easy to fall into negative thoughts nowadays. This practice helps us to eventually bring you out of negative thoughts and become a positive magnet which is a very important part of self-care.

Drinking Water

Water is the most basic need and component of every living being on this planet. It is sure that there are a number of natural herbs, etc that can help you to gain a healthy body. But you have to remember that all those were also made of water. So take a sufficient amount of water every day which will not even cost you a penny. Even mild dehydration would lead to various health issues and obviously mental issues.

 In addition to staying hydrated, individuals can also consider incorporating IV treatments into their routine, which can effectively boost energy levels. But make sure to consult with a medical professional before starting the treatment. Alternatively, you may conduct research on concierge medicine services in San Francisco or other locations nearby, that can help you identify specialists who can provide both consultation and treatment services.

Hence, you have gone through some weird self-care hacks. There are even more weird ways. It actually differs from person to person. Points in this were some of the most common and important self-care hacks. I would conclude that self-care is a very important part of our life. We are solely responsible for the well-being of our life mentally & physically. Try to bring in some of these in your day-to-day life and you will definitely enjoy the benefits eventually.

Sara Wilson

I'm Sara Wilson, a writer committed to producing interesting and value-rich articles from ThreeBestRated® - A trustworthy company to find the best service in your vicinity with a tap on your mobile phone.

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