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By ALLAN WICKERSON 1,752 views

10 Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

It often happens that at one point in your life you just realize that your kitchen seems boring and outdated to you, that you hate spending time there and that you would like to change something but don’t have the budget currently. And on top of all, you don’t know where to start and what to do. The key lies in some basics of interior design as not all colors go well with all types of wood and other materials frequently used in kitchen design. For example, if oak dominates in your kitchen, take a look at some paint colors that go well with oak. We’ll cover some basics.

There are two ways to go depending on the effect you want to achieve. If you wish to accent warm woods, you need cool colors such as shades of blues, greens, purples, or neutrals with these undertones.

1.  Navy blue on kitchen walls

Vibrant shades of blue colors, such as navy blue harmonize well with wood tones. The shade with a charcoal undertone adds a modern touch to it. Painting your kitchen walls with this color can update your kitchen instantly.

Don’t forget that updating your kitchen doesn’t only include painting walls – it also means checking if all the appliances are functional. You should try to fix those that aren’t, for example, a budget-friendly tip says to look for spare parts instead of buying a new appliance. For example, if you have a Samsung washing machine, search for Samsung washing machine parts. This way of thinking can save you lots of money, while at the same time provide you with an updated, fully functional new kitchen.

2.  Aqua Blue on kitchen walls

Another, lighter shade of blue is aqua blue. This is an ideal pastel color that is between green and blue. It is often characterized as the soft hue of dusty blue with a perfect ocean green undertone that goes well with both light and dark wood tones.

3.  Earthy green on kitchen walls

Earthy green is a shade of green that combines a green hue with a warm undertone. Its characteristics make it perfect for combination with natural oak tones.

4.  Cheerful green on kitchen walls

Cheerful green is yet another green shade, slightly darker than the previously mentioned earthy green. It certainly gives a kitchen a fresh and cheerful vibe. It works well with brown and wood tones.

5.  Graphite purple on kitchen walls

If you want to take a completely different turn in updating your kitchen, why not try a shade of purple with a graphite undertone? It brings your kitchen a chic vibe.

Another way you can go is to neutralize or soften the effect of warm woods. You can do that by using color shades such as cream, beige, brown, warm greys, and greiges.

6.  Warm beige on kitchen walls

Warm beige is the classic way to go if you want to neutralize the effect of warm woods. Not all shades of beige would work well, but a shade with a tinge of yellow has the power to instantly spruce up your space. It’s not overbearing, and it softly neutralizes the warm wood color of your kitchen cabinets.

7.  Greige

Combine grey and beige and you get a perfect blend – greige. It’s a completely neutral tone, with a cool undertone. This color is so powerful when it comes to blending with oak cabinets, especially the ones with red undertones.

8.  Soft brown

Similarly, a warm beige, soft brown color is a good way to go if you want to make your kitchen more neutral. There are plenty of shades of brown color, however, not all of them blend well with all wood tones. So, make sure to take a few samples and take them home to compare.

9.  Some shades of grey

When it comes to grey color, there are so many subtle options out there. There are light and soft grey shades, grey shades with certain undertones as well as cool grey shades. Carefully consider which one would suit your kitchen the best

10. Cream

As far as cream shades are concerned, it’s important to go for creams that have a similar undertone as the ones in your wood cabinets.

Changing some small things in your kitchen, such as the wall color can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s overall look. It’s a good way to go if your old design bores you and you’re limited with finances.

Allan Wickerson

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