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Heavy Metal News
By ASHLY WILLIAM 4,093 views

Latest Heavy Metal News: A Complete Guide

Heavy metal is the music genre of choice for some people who are looking to be angry, aggressive, and rebellious. Listeners may seek out this type of music as a way of expressing these feelings that they might not otherwise express in their daily life or because it provides them with an outlet when doing so would be inappropriate.

Heavy metal can provide listeners with an outlet for anger and aggression while also providing them with something to rebel against if those same emotions exist outside the context of heavy-metal listening time. The best heavy metal news website gives the fans all the relevant news out there!

The Most Controversial Lawsuit in the History of Heavy Metal

After the death of ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, it looked like his estate was going nowhere. That is until last year when Rita Haney took control and showed them how to rock again! Yesterday she announced that they were leaving Dean Guitars for good after using them in a suit claiming that Jerry Abbot had never been named executor by Dimebag himself before he died.

The suit filed against the current Dean CEO, Evan Rubinson (Elliot’s son), is an attempt to enforce Dimebag Darrell’s estate contract with his father. The suit claims that he has been “extremely disrespectful and oftentimes belligerent” towards Abbott’s venerable legacy, neglecting payments for use of trademarked guitar designs as well as models endorsed by guitars used in live performances.

Rita has been on a full-blown assault online, releasing one damaging comment at a time. Rubinson responded to her latest slanderous attack by challenging Rita to release voice recordings of him stating that he would like death threats and riots against the rapper in question.

Rubinson is not holding back as this feud escalates further with each passing day—defending his integrity while continuously questioning hers for what seem to be false accusations. He contests any allegations made about him disparaging Dime or Vinnie (a close friend), which could have sparked such an intense fight between them both–but eager fans will just need more convincing!

Rubinson released a more detailed statement saying “We have always treated Dime and his brother Vinnie with the utmost respect and loyalty.” The company has enjoyed 17 years of business relations, longer than most relationships go for. Rubinson is shocked by allegations from Haney after both Abbott brothers passed away last year that were posted on social media yesterday. All wishes are being sent to her in hopes she finds peace within herself as well as happiness.

OBSCURA Release New Single and Video for The Title Track Of ‘A Valediction’

OBSCURA unleashes the second teaser in the form of a title track for their upcoming studio album. The new single, “A Valediction”, is set to arrive on November 19th and was composed by Steffen Kummerer who comments with, “The whole story unfolds as follows: Past-future meets present”, A mixture of virtuosity combined with patchiness will make this song stand out from any other OBSCURA has ever released, according to Kummerer.

The video for their newest song, “A Valediction”, is finally up and available for pre-order on this website. The band will head out on a European tour starting right after the release of “A Valediction.” Tickets are now already on sale!

Listen To HALESTORM’s New Song “Back from The Dead” Now

HALESTORM has just released a new single, “Back From The Dead”. This song is taken from their soon-to-be-released fifth full-length album which will be coming out this year!

In the face of adversity, HALESTORM has always been able to just do its thing and make it work. As they broke rules that no one else dared break before them, bucked trends with bold style, busted down doors to put on some amazing live performances all around the world for sold-out crowds. Along this path without compromise or apology from Pennsylvania to Nashville as a quartet — Lzzy Hale (vocals & guitar), Arejay Hale (drums), Joe Hottinger(guitar), and Josh Smith(bass)- who have collected Grammy Awards along with gold certifications by doing what is right; rocking hard regardless of any consequences because rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t need permission!

The band weathered the flames of chaos in 2020 and returned stronger than ever with their most empowering and undeniable anthems to date. They knew they had a lot more work ahead, but it all seemed worth it as soon as they saw how empowered everyone felt after hearing them sing!

LIVE NATION Concert Goers Must Be Fully Vaccinated Or Show Negative COVID-19 Tests

Local concert and music festival promoters are ramping up security measures with a new COVID-19 requirement that will be enforced this fall. Live Nation, which promotes, operates, and manages ticket sales for live entertainment in the U.S., announced they would require any attendees to enter their events under these guidelines beginning October 4th of this year. This mandate is not just applicable to those attending concerts but also applies to musicians themselves if permitted by law or other venue restrictions at third-party venues when performing on tour across North America as part of “best practices.”

Final Take

Music critics can be notoriously picky about their taste in music, so it’s no surprise the genre of heavy metal is a difficult one to pin down. Going from doom core and deathcore to glam rock or hair metal-heavy sounds like a tough task for any critic!

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