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What are the Latest Trends of Photography in 2019?
By REMA TOWNSEND 1,357 views

What are the Latest Trends of Photography in 2019?

In a creative world, photography trends are evolving with each year. Indeed. Whether you are a photographer or videographer, to compete in the industry you must know about the recent trends. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even trends, they will come and go. Keeping up with them is necessary, but adapting them without having complete knowledge and research may not be a good idea.

So, let’s find out the latest photography Trends to follow in 2019 with Rema Townsend.

DSLRS Are Still in Trend

Rema Townsend - DSLR-Camera

In recent years, smartphones have taken the place of those big cameras. With amazing features, smartphones and mirrorless cameras are in trend! Today you don’t need DSLRs to take breathtaking pictures when a smartphone is there. The technology has evolved in recent time, and these smaller and lighter smartphones do the same job as a big camera. However, the charm of DSLRs is still intact. Most people still prefer DSLRs over smartphones, and why not? It gives you a real feel of a photographer. Those who are passionate photographers but cannot afford DSLRs, this is a time to choose smartphones can and show your photography skills in your own style.

Whether you want to wildlife photography or want to capture any wedding event, your smartphone is all you need to do a perfect job. If you know how.

Videos Are Becoming Popular Over The Photographs

Rema Townsend - video

As we discussed above, the advanced features of smartphones and new technology allow us to take high-quality videos with ease. Now people prefer watching videos over photos, as they find it entertaining. With photography you can tell a story, but videos allow audience to experience it. Therefore people are more likely to be engaged in videos instead of photographs.

Even in the e-commerce industry, many businesses adding videos to their websites related to their products in use. Needless to say, videos visually more engaging and attractive in today’s world.

Authenticity And Originality

Rema Townsend - photographer

Gone are the days when portraits and sensual looks were first preference of photographers and audience. Today, real, candid, natural shots are in a trend that people can relate to. In other words, authenticity and diversity are what people seeking now. To become the audience first preference, photographers need to think out of the box and must focus on some candid and natural shots. Dull and underexposed images are too passé, try to capture vibrant and brightly looking pictures in the year 2019.

Vertical Photography

Rema Townsend - Vertical Photography

Nowadays almost every individual has smartphones with an internet connection. Whether it is about a weather forecast or best wedding photographer, people search for everything on a smartphone. It means whatever you post on the internet, people will view it on a mobile screen. Therefore, it is important for photographers to understand that the images and website should be mobile friendly.

Bottom Line

So, these are the latest photography trends every passionate photographer like Rema Townsend must follow in the year 2019. Don’t think much and make your photography game stronger with these amazing tips.

Rema Townsend

Rema Townsend is an Academy Award-winning photography artist who transports us to unseen worlds through photography, film and design. Rema Townsend loves the earth and her creatures.