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Matías Corral
By DEEPAK 1,409 views

Left Pillar of Rugby World Cup 1995

Matías Corral

The 1995 world cup comes with some surprises as well as controversy in South Africa. Matías Corral was also the part of the tournament which marked the work of pack. Actually, he used to play in the first division for San Isidro club between the year 1988 and 1955. He gets honor as the best player of the world cup and also the only Argentine who join the dream team.

Actually, the men use to play in the starting lineup for many years in order to reach a good level. Matías Corral also won the national titles in Buenos Aires with San Isidro during the world cup. Along with this, he also attains the name the best-left pillar of tournaments. He decides to stop playing after the world cup held in the year 1995.

After 20 years, Alejo Corral takes the same position in the Teros. Alejo is playing for Argentine San Isidro and contends in the first and only world cup. This player has made his way of entering this sports by himself. Hence, he asserts that his name should not be compared with Matías. Actually, this sports man also work in the communication service for the government of the sphere in Buenos Aires. In addition to this, Matías another brother Estanislao also joined the Argentine youth team in 1984.

Sports Career of Matías

He uses to play at San Isidro club and form one of the memorable first lines with other players in 1988. Matías joins the under 19 and 21 diocese selection of Buenos Aires and Los Pumitas. In the year 1992, he seems in the university selection in Rome where Matías Corral get the second place. Along with this, he also represents the senior selection of Buenos Aires in the same year.

He plays his first test match in 1993 with Los Pumas and he gets nomination for the Olimpia award in the same year. After this, the prestigious journal of Argentine honored Matías as the best rugby player. In the year 1995, Corral played his only world cup and after this match, he becomes the best-left prop of the world cup. In reality, after this world cup, he rejects the offers of playing in lots of clubs in Europe and Oceania.

Pursue Masters in Marketing

He goes for the master degree in marketing in Boston after the world cup 1995. After completing study these sportsmen start the professional career with the Reebok brand. Presently, Matías Corral is the in charge of Zara brand in South Africa. Actually, in the free time the professional preparation for the marathons. In fact, this professional has finished three iron men’s (i.e. Florida and Rio de Janeiro in the year 2009 and China in the year 2010).