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Marc Brattin Drummer
By MANOJ RANA 2,426 views

Tips to become a Professional Drummer

The drummers have to play a wide range of styles and genres according to the occasion they are performing. Hence, you should have to expand your musical knowledge in order to earn a name in the musical industry. Here, one can find some of the ways of how to become a versatile drum player given by Marc Brattin the entertainment entrepreneur. These tips are helpful for instrumentalists who want to build their career in the entertainment world.

The adaptation is crucial in the continually embryonic music industry. In fact, more skills individuals grasp means more valuable they are. There are lots of music band available who can fuse different music style in order to create the unique style. Hence, it becomes necessary for individuals to become versatile for long survival.


Following are some of the things that individuals have to consider for becoming an expert in playing drums:

Practice and Practice:

For becoming a flexible percussionist, one should have to practice regularly. More practice makes you more perfect as well as flexible. It is also advisable for the drummer to listen and play different style every day. In fact, always try to create something challenging and apply different techniques to a song. Working hard on your rudiments will help you in adapting other styles. In fact, if a percussionist is master the basics, they will be able to play anything.

Improve Your Breathing:

Some people get exhausted by playing the drums due to the irregular breathing. Actually, this is really a tiring task to play instruments if individuals cannot hold their breath. Hence, do exercises on regular basis in order to improve your breathing for the better play.

Work on Your Timing:

Timing matter a lot while playing the drums. If individuals have bad timing, then they cannot be able to become an adaptable drum player. According to Marc Brattin, it doesn’t matter how well you play. The thing that only matter is the time of play. Hence, one should have to enhance their timing.

Attend the Live Performance:

This is the best way to learn more about the different styles. One should have to appear in the live performance by the percussionists who inspire them. In fact, if you get a chance to go to the professional after the performing, then it is great. Individuals can take some tips from them for enhancing their skills.

Augment the Tensioning Skill:

The tensioning trait is vital for creating the reliable tones. Actually, the rough tensioning creates varying tones as well as produce buzzing sounds. Hence, the drummer must have to enhance the tensioning for becoming professional.

Study Books and Watch Videos:

To adapt the continuous changes in the music industry, one can study the book and watch video online. This will help in enhancing their skills and develop newer one.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tips that Marc Brattin has suggested for the drummers to become adaptable. Following these ways help you in developing the essential skills that every professional percussionist have.

Manoj Rana

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