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When you Google keywords like “logo makers,” you will find a large number of website that offers a custom logo or logo that provide massive stocks templates for designers and others for inspiration. The same goes for propaganda brochures, invitation cards, restaurant menus.

If you want to get a logo for the website or brands, it is necessary to resort to a designer or designing studio. The special offer for non-designer and limited budget, to use the online logo generators is an excellent alternative approach.

And in this post, you will learn how to make a logo with DesignEvo. DesignEvo is one of the useful logo makers. This tool provides you with 10,000+ various well-designed in 19 categories templates. Besides, 1millions of icons and hundreds of fonts are available for you to personalize your logo.

To consider

All of the above will serve as a basis for creating the logo, but it does not stop there because, as you have indicated, everything that is done is fully customizable, which results in unique creations. You just have to give free rein to the imagination and creative abilities of each one to get the best results.

An intuitive editor

In the DesignEvo editor, you will find all the elements reviewed, which make up the logo design. You can choose the icons that best suit each project, combine them with the most striking texts, both in shapes, sizes and colors, and combine everything to get what you want. All this in an easy way, without complications.

If you look at the text editor, we will see that we can select different types of letters, combine colors, set sizes, or emphasize words using bold and italic texts. The system also supports alignment and text spacing. But there is more. The editor includes all the typical tools. Thus, in addition to playing with colors, it is also possible to manage layers or duplicate elements easily.

How to access this platform

To use this tool you must access DesignEvo. It is a program, as we have said, that can be used for free and does not need to be installed on the computer since it works fully in the web browser. Nor does it need registration. It also works on iOS and Android devices.


DesignEvo is very interesting to generate the logo without getting help from a professional. All you need to do in DesignEvo is to pick a template and then customize it with your creativity and ideas.

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