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15 Genuinely Practical Ways to Make Money as a SAHSM

No one said it would be ‘easy’.

Some went as far as to state that it would be ‘impossible’.

Yet, here we are.

Seeing mothers all over the world singlehandedly managing their kids in addition to their jobs. Praised for their diligence and their ability to make both ends meet. However, if you talk to them, you will realize that they are miserable. Driven to the edge by the hectic routine. Hardly coming to the surface to draw even a single breath of fresh air. Sounds like a dreadful trap, doesn’t it?

If you are new to the battlefield and don’t want to fall victim to this type of vicious cycle that other mommies are prey to, and need a guide to assist you on this journey, then I’d say you’ve come to the right place. This post will list for you the best ways you can make money while taking care of your children. More importantly, these financial opportunities are flexible enough to be safely executed from the comfort of your home. Check them out below.

1. Data Entry Clerk ($15-$20/hour)

Do you have strong keyboarding skills and an eye for detail? Then, you can offer your services as a data entry specialist to multiple online firms that are looking for people to manage their customer databases and cleanly handle their CRM dashboards etc. This kind of work can be done from your living room couch as well. All you would need is a high-powered laptop, like Asus ZenBook or Dell Inspiron, and a strong internet connection, like the one, offered in Windstream internet packages.

2. Travel Agent ($15-$20/hour)

Have you journeyed across the world, and/or know the ins and outs of the whole travel procedure? Why not share that expertise with help-seeking clients and make bundles of bucks out of it? You could freelance these services, or work for travel corporates online, that are always on the lookout for consultants. Manage the clients’ needs, arrange their flights and accommodations, book their excursions etc. all while sitting at your home.

3. Proofreader ($25-$40/hour)

If you have a command of a particular language and a bachelor’s degree, you can choose to work as a freelancing proofreader or online editor from home. Check for grammar, plagiarism, formatting, facts, and other client-provided specifications, after putting kids to sleep.

4. Home-Renter ($150-$1500/month)

One of the easiest ways of making money as a single mom is to lease or rent a part of your house to travelers seeking accommodation via a credible platform, like Airbnb or Couchsurfing. All you’d have to do is list your house on the site, technologically equip it, offer basic facilities, build your reputation and start accepting invitations from paying guests.

5. Social Media Specialist ($17-$20/hour)

From a digital marketing perspective, social media is monumental in building a brand’s reach. Startups or firms often need people to overlook their social media profiles, strategize campaigns, check ads, push relevant content, and reply to consumer queries, etc. The best thing about this line of work is that it can be done from your smartphone, even while you’re feeding your kid.

6. Virtual Tutor ($12-$35/hour)

Online education is a flourishing field. You can take advantage of it by offering a virtual tutoring facility over Skype to students worldwide. Freelance or work for a firm, whichever way suits you the best. A special diploma and an established skillset will take you further. Another way to earn by teaching is to design a course for well-renowned businesses or universities and put it on online forums, like Udemy or Coursera.

7. Health Coach ($20/hour)

For mommies, staying in shape while taking care of their children is a super difficult thing to do. However, if you’ve somehow found a mid-way and aced the fitness techniques, then you can help other moms do the same. Get a health coach certification online, and offer your services as a wellness instructor to single, stay-at-home mothers out there. Conduct your sessions online or over the phone. Learn about your clients’ troubles and help them bring health back into the equation.

8. Survey Filler ($10-$100/survey)

Would you call yourself an opinionated individual? How about you monetize this skill and get paid to offer your opinion? That sounds like a cool possibility, right? Well, there are multiple online sites, like SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars, out there which pay relatively well for each survey filled out by you. Once you set up an account, get notified via email if a survey comes up and fill it out on your smartphone even while doing chores.

9.Entrepreneurship ($25/product)

If you have a flair for business, then you can begin your own startup from home. It could be anything from crafts to cookies, whatever you are passionate about. Set up a website of your own or create a page on a third party site like Etsy or Amazon Handmade, and market it effectively. Portray your goods and make them on demand. Sell them and earn while sitting at home.

10.Stock Photographer ($120/image download)

Are you savvy with a camera and have a spectacular photography portfolio at hand? Then, sell those photos to businesses and online stock image sites, like Shutterstock and Dreamstime, etc., and earn money from it. All the while paying absolute attention to your kids.

11. Day Care Runner ($10-$15/hour)

Can you say that you’re adept at child-rearing? Then, start your own daycare center at home, take care of other children, and help your fellow mommies relax. Get paid to babysit, basically.

12. eBook Writer ($10-$50/book purchase)

With the advancement in technology, people prefer to read books in the digital format over their kindle. You can take advantage of this trend by writing and selling eBooks on subjects of your choice. These could be anything from young adult romance to self-help books for mothers.

13. Lyft Driver ($15-$20/hour)

Is it your duty to drive the kids around from school to rehearsals and whatnot? Is your vehicle in a good condition? Do you enjoy the thrill of the roads? Then, you can surely take up a job that pays well to its designated drivers. Become a Lyft driver and earn a good dollar count per hour.

14. V-Assistant ($16/hour)

Your amazing organizational skills as a single mommy will come in handy here. Assist businesses with their reminders, tasks, emails, meetings, events, and other operations, directly from your home and make money through that.

15. Blogger ($2-$2000/month)

This is a long-term money-making strategy. Let me establish that beforehand. However, once it catches on, it stays and keeps on bringing revenue to your plate. Just learn the tactics of blogging from niche authorities like Neil Patel and Jon Morrow, implement them, and earn from home.

So, what if you’re a SAHSM? You can totally balance work and kids like a pro by using the aforementioned ideas and get the best of both worlds, which is what you deserve.

Sean Williamson

Sean Williamson lives in New York City and calls himself the 'tech-bro', given his special interest in everything that's digital. Besides writing for major technological sites in the spare time, he likes to stay on top of the latest developments, especially in the field of smartphone tech. His dream to create an app that solves if not all, at least some of the major problems faced by people at large. He works as a writer in a company.