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Management right is a form of business that authorizes the resident owner, living in a society, to execute his duties as a caretaker and operates his services on non-resident owner’s behalf. The person who possesses management rights is commonly stated as a Resident Manager. A Resident Manager has several responsibilities, including marketing and advertising of the scheme. The individual must take an interest in the fine presentation of the building as it influences the market reputation of the scheme. Their services also encompass preserving the barbecues, swimming pool, repairing and cleaning of stairwells, foyers, doors, windows, and other outside areas. Resident Managers must attain the requirement set by the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

Several agencies in Australia claim to acquire the mark set by ARAMA (Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association). But among all, ‘Australian Valuers’ is the one who is potentially certified as the Preferred Supplier of Accommodation Managers in Australia. They are the proven No.1 choice for this highly specialized work. Their valuation team operates on a national and regional level, providing service assistance to the majority of Australia’s Banks.

Australian Valuers begins their journey initially in Queensland to assist with the on-site management services to the apartment buildings. As the number of happy clients marked their list, they expand and explore their services to other regions of the country such as New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.

The majority of their Management right business is engaged in real state components, which is further cleaved into distinct parts defining who owns which real estate. For instance;

Permanent complexes, holiday complexes, corporate complexes, and others. To know more about it, give its page a good read. All mentioned management rights business types are distinct in their authorities and regulations and are the expertise of the Australian Valuers.

The company is profound not only in the Management Rights sector but is also practicing excellence in other valuation services on properties such as retail property, rural property, commercial, industrial, residential and specialized properties. The specialized properties are the ones who are one of its kind and have very thin market competition. The organization is setting a milestone every day for the past 20 years and is still growing gradually and holding a strong foothold in the Management Rights industry.

The management rights Gold Coast, QL, Australia also offers other welfare to its clients such as

  • Assurance: Building Lot owners managed by an ARAMA Resident Manager have faith that their investments are being supervised by a person who is living on-site, making the landowners harmonious of their properties. The person executing the management rights is the first to be informed of any damage, disruption, security concerns occurring on-site – effectively placing them in the best position to take the right action efficiently.
  • Keeping you updated of the present circumstances: Another advantage of hiring a resident manager is that they keep you informed of the legislative issues, activities in the industry, property market evaluation, their condition, and investments.
  • Share of responsibility: As both owner and Resident Manager invested in the scheme (in some cases), thus resident manager takes equal part in exercising his duties to keep the scheme up to date as per market standard. The Resident Manager becomes the person you can trust with maintenance, marketing and advertising of owner’s properties.
  • Personal assistant to the Tenants/Guests: Residents Managers personally welcome and guide the guests to the new scheme and ensure that the guests get settled comfortably in their accommodation. They are always available for urgent repairs and also to aid the problems (in case), to benefit both lot owners as well as guests.

Now, you know how a Resident Manager can set you off your responsibility your business with ARAMA management business rights and ensure about your scheme under professional and dedicated Resident Managers of the Australian Valuers.

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