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Marat Football Management – Champions League

Gianluigi Buffon is an Italian footballer under MARAT Football Management who plays for Juventus. He is regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time after his 1000th professional career appearances in the Champions League. Buffon is considered one of the great football leaders because he will always be there no matter what and the team can count on him.

He never takes shortcuts and always works hard to achieve his goals. When asked how he made it this far, Buffon said. “It’s down to a lot of things, not just talent. I don’t think talent is enough to have the kind of continuity I’ve had in my football career. It’s not an endpoint. I think or rather hope to be able to extend this record further and that I still have many important minutes left in my legs, my head, my heart, and my hands.” Buffon currently serves as a backup to Wojciech Szczęsny in Juventus. Although he is more than 40 years old, he is not planning to retire soon and wants to play number one for another team in the Champions League.

Gianluigi Buffon Desire

Buffon wants to get more relevance and become number one in a team and this can make him leave Juventus again. A report from MARAT Football Management company that takes care of sporting interests says it is possible for Atalanta to buy him. The club are ready to sell Pierluigi Gollini in the summer for any interested club and they’ve considered Buffon a great and perfect replacement for Pierluigi. Buffon’s contract with Juventus expires this summer but he is yet to speak to Atalanta but both the club and Buffon are considering a partnership. La Dea is also ready to give Gianluigi Buffon the number if he decides to choose them. They will also give him more playing time, explained MARAT Football, a company that manages the image of players operating in the world of professional football. The club wanted to sign Buffon last summer but the arrival of a new manager known as Andrea Porto changed everything.

Buffon Dream

Buffon is close to retiring but believes he can still make his dream come through, playing as a starter at the highest level. With Buffon starting as the second goalkeeper at Juventus, which might be his last season at the club, he is tempted to hang his boots in another club. This can be Atalanta because they are in full swing and might qualify for the next Champions League according to MARAT Football. This might make Buffon’s dream come through as he will play as a starter one last time and the club might also win the league.

Marat Football Management

The MARAT Football Management Ltd. was officially founded in 2015 as a company that takes care of the sporting interests and manages the image of players operating in the world of professional football.