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The year 2020 has not started on a great note with the coronavirus pandemic slowing the world down economically, but that is expected to end soon and the markets will be back on track. 

This year is expected to bring new start-ups with fresh campaigns, re-launch of campaigns that were shelved as well as the continuation of successful marketing efforts from the previous season. There will be significant growth in the use of marketing techniques that are in their initial stages. While some feel that SEO is no longer an effective marketing tool, many believe otherwise and continue their relationship with their SEO services in Bangalore. Similar trends in marketing can be seen with respect to SEO where newer techniques will come into play, but the content will continue to lead SEO.

The details of the various trends expected in the field of marketing and SEO are discussed below:

Scramble to the Top Spot

This is not rank 1 but position zero that is taken over by the snippets and the businesses are now in a race to get there. This is the position where you can have a featured snippet and zero-click search results that cover 62.5% and 34.4% of mobile and desktop searches respectively. To get to this position, many techniques will continue to be applied from the older SEO regime, but there will also be many new ones that will become popular. One of these that the companies will certainly need to work on with an SEO company in Bangalore is optimizing for voice search.

The Rise of Voice Search 

At this point in time, voice search has started moving from being a novelty to becoming a habit with consumers. As per some statistics, the use of voice search to get information will soon rise to 30% and more. This will be seen prominently in the steep growth of voice-activated smart speakers at home. The younger generations will adapt to this change faster and with greater ease. Hence, voice search must become an integral part of your business strategy

Image Search as a Popular Option 

Uploading an image for which certain information is required is a new trend that is highly popular among the newer generation and is likely to gain popularity among others in the coming year. The visual tools employed for this include Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, Cam Find and Bing Visual Search.

Videos for Marketing and SEO

For purposes of marketing, videos have come out as clear winner to keep the consumers engaged. The same is now being used for optimization for video searches. For this purpose, videos on YouTube and other video channels are optimized by using keywords and tags for the title, description, captions, and text overlays. Video marketing is also being used to approach the target segment at a personal level. Interactive 360-degree videos are a powerful marketing tool for engaging consumers and are likely to continue rising in popularity.

Even with the development of these techniques, no doubt well-written and relevant content will still lead any SEO campaign and must be paid special attention to. You can work on devising your marketing and SEO strategies with SEO services in Bangalore keeping these trends in mind and look forward to a successful year.

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