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Master to Be a Corporate Lawyer
By JOE MAILLET 4,255 views

What Skills Do You Need to Master to Be a Corporate Lawyer?

Law is one of the most sought-after careers in India. It’s a highly intellectually challenging field of study that requires sheer hard work and passion. Students who choose to study law irrespective of the specialization are focused towards their goal; however, there’s still a lot that students need to focus on to be a successful lawyer.

As a highly versatile career, law has a lot of different specializations ranging from corporate law to criminal law. Corporate law is a highly popular field of study that has its own set of challenges.

Students need certain skills to truly amplify the BBA LLB scope and choose universities that will assist them in gaining these skills. Universities like UPES offer BBA LLB with specialization in Corporate Law. It also competes at national and international moot events and has won many awards at the same. With an industry-aligned corporate law program, the university helps in imparting the necessary skills to students of various law specializations.

Here are the skills that every corporate law student needs to master and are honed at various universities too:

  1. Flawless Communication Skills

No matter what the specialization is, lawyers must have excellent communication skills – both oral and written. Corporate lawyers need this even more than other specialisations because they work in a multifaceted environment with high-ranking executives and people from the government body.

Hence, corporate lawyers must be orally articulated and have good listening skills too. The ideal time to start working on communication skills is right from the beginning of the BBA LLB degree program in Corporate Law. Participating extensively in debates, mooting, and other public speaking tends to develop your communication skills. Mooting will help you use succinct language to be persuasive and have an excellent projection of thoughts.

Also, focus on writing skills and work on putting down clear, persuasive, and concise arguments on paper.

  1. Commercial Awareness

As a corporate lawyer, you will need to be highly aware of the commercial backdrop. Commercial awareness will require you to possess knowledge of recent developments in the world of business (local and national).

It’s a skill that will be honed during the course of study and especially in a degree such as BBA LLB with specialization in Corporate Law. Having a sound knowledge and understanding of the business world is a prerequisite for corporate lawyers and a must to truly leverage BBA LLB scope.

A corporate lawyer must always be aware of how specific social, political, and economic issues may affect their client. So, if you’re thinking of becoming a corporate lawyer, make sure to fully acquaint yourself with businesses so that you can provide pragmatic legal advice.

  1. Collaborative and People Skills

Corporate law is not an abstract practice where you can work individually. In fact, corporate law is quite the opposite, where you will need to work well in a multi-faceted environment that is highly dynamic. The process and outcome are the collective contributions of individual lawyers.

As a corporate lawyer, you will work with people, on behalf of them and the client or your own organization. Hence, you will need to have team spirit vested in you. You will be required to collaborate with people across different verticals.

So, to be a successful corporate lawyer, you will have to acquire team-building and people skills that are vested in collaboration. It will help you become a better lawyer who is channelled into bringing optimal output for the organization or the client.

  1. Attention to Detail, Research, and Analysis

Accuracy and a sharp eye for detail are absolutely necessary for a successful corporate law career. Corporate law is filled with details because organizations work across multiple fronts and that too globally. You will need to have exceptional academic scores to be able to figure out the required course of action for a situation.

A single error can change the entire meaning of a contract or a clause; leaving a bad impression and even costing business.

Hence, during your course of study to become a corporate lawyer, make sure you are vested in understanding every little intricacy. Your work ethic should be superior, and this will only come if you’re passionate about your chosen field. There’s a lot of BBA LLB scope that will mould you into an excellent corporate lawyer because it binds the business and legal education – both require exceptional attention to detail.

  1. Resilience

A career in corporate law is highly competitive, and you will need to prove your worth time and again. If you’re passionate about your chosen field of specialization, your commitment to the career will be seen by many people.

Get relevant work experience and showcase your law skills right from your first job. However, before that – your university should foster an environment for you that highly helps you understand the nuances of the corporate law world. Stand out of the crowd and take part in mooting and public debates as a way to mould yourself in the profession.

You will need to showcase exceptional confidence and resilience at every turn. However, don’t get overwhelmed and see this as a challenge; it will quickly become one of your strongest skills that will help you touch new heights in your career.

Many students have the right potential to become top-notch lawyers; however, they never go beyond their comfort zone to illustrate their capabilities. Never do that and work on your resilience if you want to become a great corporate lawyer.

What Did You Learn?

The skills mentioned above are highly important for corporate lawyers, and every student should work on them right from the university. Coming to the origin part, choosing a world-class university that prepares you across different facets is highly essential. Make sure the university has dedicated specializations that will help you master corporate law.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.

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