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Billing is an essential aspect of running a successful medical practice. Partnering with a professional billing team with appropriate knowledge of billing processes increases revenue and profitability. Failure to apply industry best practices leads to various financial difficulties for your practice and staff. It significantly leads to low patient care and compromises patient satisfaction. Avoiding this requires outsourcing your billing processes to a team of professionals.

Medical Billing Companies

How a billing service will apply best industry practices


Before rendering a service, a background check to assess the eligibility of the patient for medical insurance cover claims is required. Neglecting this makes your practice offer services to patients who might fail to pay for services rendered. The billing service can discover whether the patient’s insurance cover is appropriate for the service rendered or not. This will significantly enhance patient satisfaction by saving the patient from the embarrassment of checking out and discovering that they can’t afford the cost of the services rendered.


Billing software and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enhance various medical billing processes. These encourage automated functions such as:

  • Edits
  • Charge entry
  • Eligibility checking

Billing services encourage automation and avoid the mistake of allowing full-time equivalents to handle the billing functions. Automated billing programs make managing processes easier and are less prone to errors that encourage claims denials.


After evaluating the patients’ financial responsibility, professional medical billing companies properly code billing documents. Appropriate coding eliminates the chances of patients paying for only the services received. Additionally, accurate coding ensures that your medical practice receives the funds for services rendered. Inaccurate coding is confusing and encourages confusion and frustration to patients. Professional coding in your practice eliminates chances of revenue loss and promotes patient satisfaction.


Errors such as typos in your medical billing process encourage claim denials and delays in reimbursements. Luckily, working with a professional medical billing company lessens chances of denials and delays. Mistakes such as misplaced letters or incorrect patient name encourage claims rejections. Professional billers thoroughly verify all documents before sending them off. This lessens chances of delayed reimbursements and rejected claims that might hurt your bottom line and cause patient frustration.

Data security

Security of patient payments, bank accounts, and payment cards is very important in any medical practice. Any security breach exposes your practice to reputational loss and high financial loss leading to bad publicity and negative reviews. The medical industry is very sensitive and any data security breach is likely to affect a huge number of people in society.

Fortunately, professional billers will help your practice adhere to rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This guarantees the security of patient data through the elimination of fraudulent activity that might compromise the data before or during the claims process. HIPAA establishes clear guidelines in the medical industry between parties regarding electronic transactions and record keeping. Luckily, medical billing companies use Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and restrict sharing of Patient’s Health Information (PHI).

Payment channels

Health care organizations should offer more payment channels to increase payment collections. It’s very important to recognize the role of consumer choice and the digital economy in offering payment channels and addressing them adequately. This allows improving on your payment collections. Billing agencies leverage technology and cultural changes to foster a relationship between patients and staff.

This will make patients more likely to pay for your practice to meet its revenue collection. Your practice must have appropriate tools and policies in place including:

  • Referring scripts
  • Prompt pay discounts
  • Staff incentive programs
  • Minimum payment requirements

Why outsourcing your medical billing pays

Relying on your in-house team for your medical billing leads to employee burnout and the whole process is prone to significant errors. To avoid chances of headaches and lessen chances of claims denials, outsourcing your medical billing process to professionals is the trick. Billing agencies have experienced and professional staff to handle the demanding and challenging process on your behalf.

Bottom line

Managing a medical practice requires applying best industry practices. Luckily, partnering with a professional medical billing agency is a great idea to help your practice run efficiently. This will significantly lessen the chances of claims denials, enhance customer satisfaction, and encourage payment reimbursements. Additionally, your employees will appreciate taking the load off their shoulder and protecting them from burnout.

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