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If you want to enhance your career as a database administrator or analyst, you should consider completing Microsoft SQL server 2016 certification or SharePoint certification. You can benefit from these certifications even if you are managing a business.

Benefits of MS SQL Server Certification

When you add an MS SQL Server certification to your resume, It illustrates that you have the skills required for managing advanced database software. It gives you the edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

1. Become More Innovative

Your value as an IT professional increases with the certification based on the value you will add to the organization you work for. An MS SQL Server certification helps you understand the present technologies and prepare for the future.

  • Understanding of Underlying Technologies: Your certification will demonstrate that you understand the working of databases. It also means that you are competent in managing them in different environments.
  • Efficiency: Your understanding of the back-end makes it possible for you to easily and instantly implement complete solutions that can be used by your clients or employers.
  • Enhanced Security: You are better able to conduct security audits of databases. This skill will become even more essential in the future.

2. Demonstrate Your Skills

Your Microsoft SQL server 2016 certification will demonstrate to your employers that you have the skills required for database administration and analysis. As the challenges facing the industry continue to become increasingly complex, showing your skills with a professional certification can significantly increase your chances of employability.

3. Expect Higher Income

It is obvious that you can expect higher income after become certified. Such certification can not only help improve your chances of getting employed, but it can also increase your potential income. It also paves the path for stability in your future career prospects.

The benefits of these certifications MS SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint certification go beyond your career prospects. These certifications can help you add more value to your clients’ and employers’ businesses.

Benefits of SharePoint Certification

SharePoint has emerged as a powerful online collaboration, document management, and storage solution. MS SharePoint Server 2016 version offers many new capabilities for IT experts, administrators, and end-users. Some of the benefits your clients and employers can enjoy your certification are as follows:

  • Simpler Business Activities: The organization can benefit from innovative workflows to initiate, track, and report everyday business activities. This can include everything from document reviews and approvals to collecting signatures.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements: Your certification can help your clients meet compliance requirements in areas of storage, auditing, and security policies. It helps ensure that their sensitive business information is well protected, managed, and controlled.
  • Connect Staff & Information: Enterprise Search comprises of business data and information about people, documents, and webpages. Your expertise can help improve the relevance of search results and connect staff and information in a more efficient and effective way.
  • Simpler UX: Another benefit you will bring to an organization through your Microsoft SharePoint certification is the presence of a simpler and consistent user experience. This is because the platform is well integrated with widely used client applications, browsers, and email services.

There are many more ways in which an organization can benefit from your certification. Accessing business data can become simpler, share business processes can speed up, employees can make better decisions, and much more.

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