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microsoft word

Microsoft Word Tips & Shortcuts That You Probably Don’t Know

  • Summary

Microsoft Word is a commonly used word processing program developed by Microsoft for Windows users. It was first developed in 1983, and it currently has over 600 million users worldwide.

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program because it offers a lot of helpful functions to make writing easier for everyone, from bloggers to journalists. All the functions are well-placed and easy to use, even for beginners. MS Word also gives a variety of editing tools that will help you polish your essay in a few minutes. You can learn MS Word to create presentations from scratch through the various free online MS Word courses available on different websites.

  • Introduction

MS Word is a word processing software that we use for all our document creation. Microsoft Word has many features, and it helps us edit, format, and share our documents. Microsoft Word offers many features that allow us to edit and format our documents to be ready for print or online viewing.

The editing tools include: spellchecking, grammar checking, finding and replacing words or phrases, word count, and more. The formatting options help us control layout structure such as page orientation (portrait or landscape), page margins (left or right or top), indentation (first line or paragraph), and alignment (left-center-right).

MS Word allows us to create documents in different formats, insert images, charts, and tables, manage formatting across multiple pages, and much more. It is a very powerful tool, and we should learn to use it properly for better efficiency.

  • Some important tips and shortcuts to use MS Word more effectively

Microsoft Word is an excellent writing tool. It can save files in a variety of formats, manipulate text and images, and also, it is compatible with many other types of programs like Google Docs, OneDrive, Dropbox. There are many features that people aren’t utilizing in MS Word that could help them write faster and with more ease.

  • Shift + F5 (Returns to the last edited point)

This keyboard shortcut enables you to return to the position of your previous edit. Some people may not know this keyboard shortcut, or they may not be able to find it. In that case, you can use a hidden feature that will allow you to do this more easily without going through your whole document and going back over edits. Simply select all of the text that you want to delete and press “Delete” on your keyboard.

  • Ctrl + Enter (Inserts automatic page break)

The Ctrl + Enter (Inserts automatic page break) shortcut is one of the most popular shortcuts in Microsoft Word. Ctrl + Enter (Inserts automatic page break) helps you to insert an automatic page break. You can then use the spacebar to manually insert a page break before it if you don’t want the automatic one.

It’s an easy way to insert a page break without manually typing one in. It inserts an automatic page break, but you can also manually insert one before the automatic one if you prefer.

  • F4 (Repeats your most recent command)

As a writer, you must have found yourself in a situation where you need to repeat a phrase or sentence again and again. In MS Word, you can achieve this by pressing the F4 key as many times as required.

The F4 (Repeats your most recent command) in MS Word is a feature that repeats your most recent command, like if you were writing dialogue and wanted to include “said” or “asked” for each line. The F4 key also works with navigation commands. If you use the arrow keys to move around in a document, pressing F4 will move you one space in the direction of the arrow key pressed.

  • Alt + Shift + Left/Right arrow key (Creates headings)

The Alt + Shift + Left/Right arrow key (Creates headings) in the MS Word button was designed to create section breaks, but it can also be used for creating headings. This button is not really labeled, so it’s easy to miss. But once you know about it, you’ll never forget it.

  • Ctrl + Shift + C (Copies the formatting of selected text)

Ctrl + Shift + C is a keyboard shortcut in MS Word. With this keyboard shortcut, you can copy the formatting of the selected text to another area or paragraph.

The Ctrl+Shift+C keyboard shortcut only works when you have selected text in your document window. When you copy the formatting, it will also copy any other attributes that are applied to that style, including color, underlining, etc. There are two types of formats that Ctrl+Shift+C copies: paragraph styles and character styles.

  • Protect your private documents with a password

Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing tool that can be used to create documents, letters, resumes, and other documents. It offers different features like formatting fonts, tracks changes, inserts tables, etc.

So in order to protect your private documents with a password in MS Word safely then, you will need to following steps: click on File > Properties > Protect Document > Encrypt With Password. The password will be required when opening or changing the document.

  • ‘Focus’ mode can save you from distractions while working

Microsoft Word has a lot of different features that can help you stay focused on your work. For example, there is a “Focus Mode”, which hides all the other toolbars and menus, giving you a distraction-free writing experience.

One thing that will definitely help is if you know how to use the “Focus Mode”, which will hide all of the other toolbars and menus from distracting you. Out of all of the features in Microsoft Word, one of the most helpful ones is “Focus Mode”, which will hide any tools you might not need from distracting you while writing.

  • Use Ctrl to select entire sentences at once

Writing is a very important part of many jobs. Some people have a difficult time selecting entire sentences in MS Word. It’s important to know how to highlight the text in MS Word so you can more easily read and edit your work. The trick is to use the “Ctrl” key and select the sentence you want to highlight.

  • Conclusion

Tricks in MS Word are the most important thing to remember. They can help with a lot of tasks, from formatting text and changing fonts to inserting tables, graphics and even embedding video and audio. People often rely on keyboard shortcuts when they use Word because it is faster. But when they don’t know about them, they often have to spend more time in front of the computer trying to find a command or shortcut in order to do what they want to do.

Knowing tricks in MS Word can seem to be an easy task. However, there are a few things that are not so evident for people who are not too familiar with the software. This article has discussed how these tricks will make the life of word users easier.

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